peace – lego

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    True story:
    My business prof in college was the guy that brought Lego to North America.
    He was a Samsonite exec from Stratford Ontario.
    He was on a business trip in Denmark looking for a gift to buy his kids….he found some Lego.
    Thought it was cool, figured out his factory had the right equipment to make it, so he went to Lego and signed the deal for Canada and the US.
    I worship the man….


    Ah, the good old days before LEGO had to cram flick-fire missiles onto every goddamn thing.


    I remember turning every ‘flashlight’ and ‘video recorder’ and ‘metal detector’ into guns by adding translucent pieces to the ends. Didn’t change my violent tendencies in any way.


    who never made a lego gun? let him be the first to fall.

    Dyon 86

    Dig hole, place lego bricks inside, cover hole with twigs and grass – perfect trap.