five guys malt vinegar

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    Isn’t this marketed as a posh condiment in America?

    It’s dirt cheap in the UK.



    That’s because Americunts are stupid.


    Rare? Yes. Posh? No. It has roughly the same markup as other not-very-common-in-the-U.S. sauces and condiments like Nutella or Wasabi before they became immensely popular.

    Seriously, get over yourselves. There’s no ‘right’ way to eat fries/chips. Some like them with ketchup, some like ’em with malt vinegar, some like ’em with cheese curds and gravy. They’re fat-fried sticks of potato, it all depends on what you were raised with.


    Yeah but food in the UK is horrid at best…


    And what experience/knowledge are you basing that on?



    Exactly, I mean we only had the highest rated restaurant in the world, The Fat Duck.

    slimnoche, I would be interested to know which eateries you frequented whilst visiting the UK.


    Looks like all he needed was a single visit to the Touched Nerve.


    Yeah well if hes been there I can understand, I don’t rate it myself.


    Visited the UK for a few days and the best meal of the entire trip was a burger at a London Wendy’s. The beer and people were great but the food was awful.


    Way to go, basing an entire nations gastronomic output on a few shitty fast food joints.


    Which goes to show you that food from the UK is terrible if fast food beats a restaurant. Sad but true…don’t mind drinking there though.


    Make the place something other than the gastronomic cesspool of Europe and we’ll talk otherwise it’s been nice talking to you, you’re a moron.


    London is considered one of the premier gastronomical capitals of the world. If you eat at shit joints like Wendy’s, you probably would hate New York or Paris as well.


    Yah, but like try telling the uncultured fucks that…oh wait we did.


    Lets call names because someone doesn’t like your food. Uncultured? Really? Just cause I don’t like food from the UK…wow. Get off your fucking high horse you clown shoe.


    If you read his post he doesn’t say he liked it…just that it was best food on the island.


    Yah like whatever “Bro”


    Rage is a stinky cologne guy.


    I like English food but in London I eat cheap crap because it is the rip off capital of the world and like fifty pounds for a stick of gum. Of course everything is going to taste good when it expensive it’s impossible to be objective.

    That being said, your screen name is “well-loved” and your avatar is a picture of yourself looking boring so anything you say on a site like this is going to be an automatic lose.