My Own 2

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1st week of class, basic techniques of photographic movement: 1. Proportional (rule of thirds) 2. Vertical 3. Diagonal 4. Horizontal

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    wrong comment

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    the second one is obama ultra top secret spy agency design to spy on all american without us knowing about it
    number 3, bullshit propaganda that global warming isn’t real
    and four…elitist socialist hollywood shit
    also fuck twilight

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    Hey, I was going to leave a comment on your blog buy I’m too lazy to create a new account. Do you want to sell some of your pictures??


    “My Own 2”
    “1st week of class…”
    So it’s not “your own”.
    I don’t get it, make pictures you like, how you like, not how some guy\gal\book\video\whatever, tells you to.
    Secondly, Exif info.


    B/c someone does shots for a class doesn’t mean it isn’t their own. No one else is doing her work for her. Also telling her make pictures she likes. I’m sure she does. She shared her class assignment. Work she needed to do to get a grade.


    1. IIRC, audsmaud is waaay past school-age. But if she isn’t, then you’re right, and I’m sorry Audsie for my outburst. I hope you get an A.
    But then, WTFlying Duck are you doing here ?!
    2. You didn’t understand me, her work = her work in the sense of doing it as she wants, developing her own form, way, not because “rule of thirds” says you shouldn’t center.
    3. How can you be sure, that she does pictures she likes ?


    I didn’t say anything about enjoyment, or lack of it (for the record, I do like them, especially the first one). I was (mainly) referring to the part about that listing of “how to”, because I’ve seen it here before, and I feel it’s strange. But like I said, if it is for class, then it is for class, and you must do it as they ask. As for “asking for it”, you’ll probably learn that popularity, isn’t a good quality grading factor. So once again, in caps: SINCE THOSE PICTURES ARE FOR CLASS, DISREGARD MY FIRST POST, AT LEAST… Read more »


    Ah I see its just a case of misunderstanding. To answer your points. 1) She is in college. 2) When dealing with grade you keep your work as close to the requested course work, because you never know when you have a professor who just wants to see a basic image to get a grasp at the level of the students, or you have the professor who wants you to work out side of the course material at all times, and rewards you for doing such a thing. 3) Because I’m friends with her on facebook, and we talk from… Read more »


    “So I had some inside information…”

    “I’m sure she does.” -> “I know she does”
    And there’s no misunderstanding.


    You might try overexposing the snow pictures a bit, so that the snow appears white and not grey.