Oceans 14 spoiler

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    I had never been so sad for a character in a movie till this exact moment.


    What movie is this from?


    The movie is Burn After Reading.


    I have little problem with sexual NSFW content, and am drawn to feminine beauty. But overt violence like this, I find obscene. Rarely, if ever has this site posted the animated graphic perversion of a head splattered by a gun. There is was no choice but to see it, aside from abandoning the site. So, why? To elicit shock value, horror, or entertainment? Perhaps I’m missing something. Or you are.


    “Perhaps I’m missing something.”
    Yes you are:
    “my[confined]space – image blog with user submitted pictures of anything and everything, funny, serious or dark.”


    Your straw-man argument does not apply. I welcome funny, serious, and dark.

    Moddy Cassem

    Make it so…


    I don’t recall, but concede there may be past animated gore posts. It doesn’t negate the obscenity of overt violence, past and present. On further reflection, it appears I am arguing in favor of censorship. I actually favor the freedom of making available things I might personally find objectionable. I also favor the freedom of choice to avoid it as well. This site’s NSFW choice is not extended to gore, which I argue is more obscene. If this site promotes becoming desensitized or encouraging shock value, then I’ll likely choose to move on. I would find that regretful, after all… Read more »


    Hochunk, A reply objecting to gore, with additional incendiary gore? I suspect you didn’t expect an attitude change by it, and was more to be provocative. Those special effects movies you reference are sufficiently realistic as to be rated R, restricted as a public standard (which I am in favor of on this site).


    Perhaps a middle ground, NESFW for gore gifs.

    “With the twin guns of tact and grace I have blasted my worthless adversaries into a compromise.”
    -Zapp Brannigan


    I second this motion.

    This particular post didn’t bother me, but stuff in the past like the “Fly Bride” posts has (almost threw up). A separate gore section would be nice, IMO.


    A fine idea. I don’t expect Tiki would cater to an individual, but its worth asking. I e-mailed him via his webmaster address, and hope for a response.


    Perhaps Tiki will respond to this thread. My E-mail failed with this message: webmaster@myconfinedspace.com Remote host said: 550 5.1.1 : Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table.


    Saying that you don’t like something on this site is like throwing gasoline on a fire.


    That happened to me last time I tried to email him. He had asked if I wanted to model and I said sure, but when I tried to get in touch I got the same error.

    Maybe a private message service would be good for MCS as well?