So making guns illegal will take them off the street

So making guns illegal will take them off the street.jpg

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    This is such a retarded argument, nobody has suggested that banning guns is a 100% guaranteed fix, but it would certainly help.
    Heroin and meth are mentioned, the total deaths from ALL narcotics in the USA is around 35-40,000 a year, deaths from smoking (which is legal remember) is almost 500,000 a year.
    Just because something is legal, doesn’t mean it should be.


    hmm…ask the brits about that then….allegedly their “gun free utopia” has seen a 35% uptick in gun crimes.

    hmm…if all the law abiding folks give up their guns, then only the law breakers will have them…oh wait…my bad…the crims will see the evil of their ways and give up their evil bang-sticks…


    Yeah, 35% – a real crime wave – last year the UK had 41 gun homicides, up from 31 the year before. In the same time period the USA had 9,146.

    If the US had the same per capita gun homicide rate as the UK we would cut the killings by more than 90%.

    Of course there was a single killing spree by one guy who killed 12 people in Cumbria and wounded 11 more – and he owned his gun legally.

    Not exactly “utopia” but not exactly “gun free” either.


    “if all the law abiding folks give up their guns, then only the law breakers will have them”

    Man I’ve seen this line of bullshit hundreds of times. The desire to commit a crime with a gun does not automagically grant you one. Most people in the U.K. never even see a gun. Sure, if you banned guns in the US then every petty criminal would still have access to one, since they’re freaking everywhere already… but when you’re talking about the U.K. that’s just a load of crap.


    Oh, sure, now that it’s a metaphor that they think strengthens their side of the gun debate, this is what the conservatives have to say. Let’s stand back and put this in perspective by taking a look at the general conservative platform: On Guns: Making drugs illegal doesn’t get them off the street, so why ban any guns? On Drugs: Making drugs illegal might not get them off the street entirely, but anything we can do to protect the children must be done. Again, I feel the need to put the disclaimer, “I’m not an anti-gun nut” on this post… Read more »


    The difference between drugs and guns is that I’ve never seen a gun dealer standing next to a high-school giving away guns for free so the kids will become addicted to them.


    You do know the boogeyman doesn’t really exist and is a fictional character developed to scare and control voters children.


    That’s why we have video games!


    Is that to say the hard right is cool with ending the War on Drugs if we just agree to stop the unethical street dealers and their suppliers and just stock the smack at Wal*Mart with the rest of the guns n’ ammo? To Elaborate: There are 3.64 times as many gun stores (51,438) than there are McDonalds (14,098) in the United States. All most people are asking for is a little societal responsibility; there’s no reason to ice-block it to the wall like a government takeover of citizen’s right to arms. The modern conservative base is just addicted to… Read more »


    Our rights are no more subject to approval by the majority than were Rosa Parks’ rights subject to approval in the 50s.


    I cry bullshit. You say that “All most people are asking for is a little societal responsibility; there’s no reason to ice-block it to the wall like a government takeover of citizen’s right to arms.” Diane Feinstein says “”If I could have banned them all – ‘Mr. and Mrs. America turn in your guns’ – I would have!” —This is the leader of the current anti-gun movement. Tell me she and the Brady idiots aren’t pushing to eliminate all firearms again. I will call you a liar and I will be right. There is not reasoned discourse or reasonable discussion… Read more »


    That’s the difference, is it?

    I’ve never seen someone trying to smoke a Colt .45 nor inject their arm with an M-16.

    Is that relevant to the gun debate?

    …possibly not.


    Political platforms are only that. Logic need not apply.


    Show me where the Constitution acknowledges a right to keep and bear drugs.


    Then again, the Constitution doesn’t grant the government the right to regulate meth, either –


    Something you have clearly failed to grasp is that the constitution is not some mystical scroll of profound truth and morality, it’s just a legal document, and not set in stone. Just because something is written in there, or not, doesn’t mean that that’s the way it SHOULD be.


    Yes but it is the overriding law of the land in the United States. No law or set of laws can lawfully be enforced if it is found to be unconstitutional. If you don’t like it, amend the Constitution or leave.


    I’m so fucking sick of seeing this baby


    Pro gunners do act like addicts….


    Here’s the difference – meth and heroin generally aren’t sold retail.


    Keep your hick gun politics out of my image blog. Or I shall take my views elsewhere.




    whoever made this must have been doing drugs and not going to school…


    its grim. guns are for troops and cops. I swear i only once saw a gun in the hands of a civilian in my whole life. the sooner u start the sooner u can enjoy a gun free environment.
    Its gonna get worse before it gets better and u lot just stalling cuz u wanna have cool toys to play with. Sure i’d love to have a bad ass gun but not if every nut i know could also get one…


    This picture makes no sense. What does a baby know about firearms and narcotics, or the laws that apply to them? And he (she?) is clearly too young to speak intelligibly, never mind type legibly. What a farce.


    Ok, make them all equivalent then. The annual deaths in America from Heroin and Meth overdoses are significantly fewer than the number of people shot to death. Of course, I’m leaving out deaths from prescription drug overdoses because the pills are legal and currently harder to obtain than an assault rifle. Outlaws guns too, why not?


    I couldn’t help but imagine that last sentence in Zoidberg’s voice.