Restroom POV

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–the M[c]S edition–

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    So whats the story behind casemods? Like in detail. Is he specifically from here? I see pics of him on /b/ sometimes too.


    Give the man his due, Epic Troll was more like it. Ever once in a while you will see shades of casemods on other poster which lead people to wonder if its him. There was a whole section for a while called casemods. I always thought casemods camwhoring was a ploy to cover up his deep self loathing.


    oh, pls

    we were the only cool thing about casemods

    and he was tolerable until he started shitting everywhere. like everywhere. he pretty much destroyed the forums–it was a beautiful place once–on a weekly basis, and he posted so. much. shitpost. that Tiki had to give him his own domain or risk losing so many members.

    you can call it epic trolling, but really, if someone walks into anywhere and starts flinging shit, people are gonna bitch. but if you do that in a place people love and regularly gather, you’re going to be hated

    it’s shit-tier trolling at best


    I don’t know, dude would 50 thumbs down before you read what he did. And yeah he got his own area because of the rage but I mean Tiki coulda just kicked him. Last I don’t use the word “troll” with any respect, if you are just pissing people off just to piss people off, then you are acting like a pre-teen child. All I was saying by epic troll was that he was piggy from lord of the flies and he was annoying just by being there.


    Isn´t casemods -nobodyknows- and maybe some others (probably magnus also) the same person? After lurking this place for several years I started thinking that it was the same troll with different sock puppets, different characters from the same troll, probably tiki´s sockpuppets?


    That sounds just like something casemods would do…blame others to throw us off his trail…TOUCHE zenmetzu or should I say casemods.


    He’s not casemods, I am casemods.


    presupposes degree of cleverness not one of those mentioned is capable of


    Is this him? I saw it on reddit today. The op is replying to every comment.


    I think it might be, looks a little like him


    the Legend of the Casemods can be found by ingesting the Forums. the story is there, but you wont get it easily. you’ll have to work for it if you want it. it’s almost like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-Circlejerk where the antagonist (not to be confused with dieAntagonista) is a lovable trainwreck who devolves into the most gigantic faggot evar

    SOURCE: i once accidentally casemods’ mom


    This is the best description.


    Not just description but scientific FACT.


    no towelrack?


    and all it toke to drive him out was a few days of ponies,
    your welcome


    him and all the people whose posts were worthwhile

    baby with bathwater = thrown


    so casemods reference… welcome back to 2010 right?

    Luke Magnifico

    His name was Graham Wellington


    If die durning project casemods you have a name….His name was Graham Wellington


    Every good site needs some kind of gone-but-not-forgotten troll icon.