When steampunk goes wrong

well_one_of_them_made_it.jpg (499 KB)

So much WTF in this pic…hard to know where to begin.

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    fuck steampunk


    How is this steam-punk? it’s not pseudo-Victorian style, and the ship has a rocket engine in the back and four jet/propeller combo engines for stabilizers, no boiler or smokestacks anywhere.

    Hell, it doesn’t even follow the fake-steam-punk rule “just slap some gears on it”.

    I would say it’s more diesel-punk…or just a drawing of dudes in haz-mat suits fighting on top of a weird VTOL craft.


    Yeah, I wouldn’t call it steampunk either. On the other hand, fuck what you call it and look at the poor fucker whose ‘chute is being dragged into one of the propellers!