Hiding in the dark

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dave chappell

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    Could we possibly get rid of this N[exactly]SFW crap. Put it back the way it was or put it on the NSFW site. Personally I can go for eight hours without needing to look for pictures of sideboob, if you can’t there is something seriously wrong with you. Or make a whole other site either with just the NESFW content and they can choose which of the three levels they want to see. I might be wrong in assuming, but we’re all adults here and we can have a bit of control. Stop pandering to those at work with no… Read more »



    tiki god

    I’m pandering more to the Customer Service reps that take 5 minute hits of MCS at a time.


    No, you’re pandering to yourself because you were stupid and almost got caught at work looking at your own site. Cut the shit, tiki – you even said so yourself when you decided this shit was a good idea.

    The whole thing is STUPID. If something is “not exactly safe for work” then it is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Just because it doesn’t have tits and ass showing doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong on the NSFW section. If you have to worry about clicking on it because you’re at work, then it’s fucking not safe for work.

    Luke Magnifico

    Why should Tiki pander to you instead?


    No, only to the other 99.99% of people who aren’t customer service reps.