PhD in Facial Hair

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    bah. curse my beardless welsh ancestors and their nearly hairless genes.


    hm. why would someone give me a thumbs down on my own comment about myself ?


    I like having my facial hair but I’d give it up in an instant if it meant getting rid of my body hair too.


    Tried it several times; didn’t like the constant metrosexual grooming it required, food getting stuck in it, or occasional fits of itching (especially in the first week.)

    At least I can take care of it with a quick, half-awake shower shave every morning. The REAL enemy is ear hair.

    tiki god

    so you went from shaving every day to shaving once a week, and that was too metrosexual for you?


    Reading compre ftw


    beards are just dirty hillbilly style crap. some stubble is ok i guess, but full on beards that make you look like a fucking ape.. no thanks. i like to get laid.


    I grew a beard recently mostly to see if I could. Apparently I can, and I’m pretty happy with it.
    Mostly because as an Asian guy, being able to pull one off makes me about as rare as a fucking unicorn. I imagine my ancestors are all smiling approvingly up there in heaven with Obi-Wan and Yoda.