timer movie poster

timer movie poster

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    I’ll hit it


    Is that Natalie Portman? Cause she looks weird.


    No, it’s not Natalie Portman; it’s Amanda Seyfried.

    And I also enjoyed it for what it was. I’m easily amused though, so take that for what it is: just some random person’s opinion.


    Cool idea at first, but begs too many questions as it progresses. Plateaus into a Bonnie & Clyde knockoff pretty quickly. Good eye candy.


    youre too kind. this piece of shit has earned a well lit, up front position in my museum of most unfortunate movies ever.
    the acting was actually offensive.
    a dreadful attempt at introducing plot twists.
    pay attention to the scenery (it wont be hard, trust me). you will see the same 3 rooms, buildings and streets over and over again.
    a simply loathsome film.


    It was worth one watch. That’s it. At least it wasn’t all shaky cam.


    It’s too bad I’m hearing bad things about this movie, I like the concept.

    tiki god

    I enjoyed it very much.


    thats the wife talking