Ten Rings

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When I first heard that the Mandarin was going to be in IM3, my first thought was “how are they gonna do the rings?” They ruled out the magic/alien tech from the comics origin, so I imagined that each was a mini arc reactor, created by the Chinese or somesuch in an attempt to reverse engineer/replicate Stark’s (senior’s or junior’s) work, and the result was a bunch of rings, each with different powers they weren’t originally designed to have, but useful all the same –especially in the hands of a terrorist who steals them & learns how to properly wield them.

Free internets for me if I turn out to be right…unfortunately, there’s also the distinct possibility that they’re just powerless trinkets/junk that he wears symbolically. That’d blow.

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    tiki god

    has to be from a giant dragon. end of story.


    Spoiler: Fin Fang Foom will show up in the climactic battle of the movie, and it will be voiced by Andy Dick.


    With all the arabic looking writing, I’m not sure how they are still calling him the Mandarin.


    There’s actually a very strong middle eastern influence in southeast Asia and southern China. There are a lot of place where Asian culture has in Arabic influence. I spent some time in Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong a while back. There were a large number of mosques within spitting distance of old Buddhist shrines. Of course there were sometimes laws preventing the outright existence of religious buildings in certain areas, so they were named learning centers or something to circumvent the laws. Regardless the buildings were still used for worship. Technically speaking, it’s all Asian, but I used the… Read more »


    The letters look Arabic, if a little over-stylized, but the language isn’t Arabic as far as I can tell and I have a working knowledge of the language. I’m thinking it’s either Urdu or Farsi, or a classic case of Hollywood just making stuff up either due to laziness or to avoid any clear association with any specific culture.

    Sayyadina Nox

    It’s either Manchu or Modern Mongolian ( omniglot.com/writing/manchu.htm ) One of the more aesthetically pleasing vertical scripts.


    This is Old Mongolian alphabet.


    From Mongolia


    Probably the latter since this is Hollywood, but with the origin story being set in Afghanistan and the Ten Rings being mentioned in the first movie as well, Farsi is a good bet.


    According to a very reliable source, Mandarin’s rings will be tech-based so don’t expect some ice or electro blast in the movie.


    That’s kind of disappointing.


    I’m thinking they will be control units, with each having control over some sort of technological aspect of the modern world. Maybe one has nuclear access codes, one provides access to satellites, one can control power grids, etc.

    bla bla

    ten rings name-ten mongolian ancient tribes name


    “They ruled out the magic/alien tech…”
    Da fuck ? So now what ? Thor’s gonna get retconned into a “real” god ? ?! What about Dr. Strange ?


    “Mento-intensifier?” Really?

    The problem of villains with many powers is that they always forget to use one or five in the final battle, ensuring that the hero can win.


    “each with different powers they weren’t originally designed to have”.
    What are you talking about? The rings had these exact same powers you listed, way back in the early 70’s.

    a couple of years ago, they updated them to these, which i think is brilliant:



    Did you mean to reply to me, aquaman43?

    Re: “Remaker – shatters and reimagines relationships on a subatomic level.” – I take it this ring isn’t the “Dr.” Phil of power rings.


    He’s replying to the OP. @Aquaman: I think OP means different powers then the rings were meant to have by the creators in the movie (if you read OP’s whole text, he thinks they are trying to make mini Arc reactors). Lay off the oysters


    They didn’t rule out alien tech/magic, they had multiple movies dealing with the fucking power cube.

    bla bla

    that is certainly mongolian script