options in life

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    Yuuuuuck! That wretch bottom-center has to be shopped to look worse than she does. But hell yeah, I’d smash with any or all of the ladies in the top pic.


    *worse than she actually does* is what I meant to say.


    Thighs that don’t touch? Serious malnutrition, there… give the girl a bacon sandwich!


    There’s no shopping there…
    I have a friend in the fashion industry here in Paris… long-story-short these models are “fat” in comparison to some photos I’ve seen.

    Do a search of “anorexia nervosa” and you’ll find a whole network of support groups of these models helping each other to eat less and less. It’s a fucked industry.


    Well, since fashion hotshots often like boys, more than girls, they try to make girls look like the sex they prefer.
    Plus, they’re just a necessary evil, a walking clothes hanger, so no surprise they’re treated like a object.

    Luke Magnifico

    That’s pretty judgemental of you, OP. Maybe the bottom girls just like being skinny and don’t care what society thinks. They’re not curvy and they like it.


    Luke Magnifico


    If the pictures were switched around and I’d made a similar comment I’d be drowning in upboats.

    You’re a shower of filthy hypocrites.


    Top girls are fine. Bottom girls are a bit skinny for my personal superficial visual preferences. There is also an even happier middle ground not depicted.


    Most def prefer soft to boney…and the bottom middle i believe has been shopped cause the other two while skinny do not look sickly thin. I think both pics are of healthy looking women (with the except being the shopped one.)


    I’d get with any in either picture if I could.


    ^ Forever Alone


    I would break the girls in the bottom photo.

    Dyon 86



    I think eating disorders are sexy but thats just me


    Like binge eating, pica, that sort of thing?


    The more fucked up they are in the head, the better


    Of course top picture wins: 33% more boobs! than the bottom picture!


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    They’re both photoshopped so the fat asses look better and the hot girls look like they died 3 weeks ago.

    Note to OP: if you have to bullshit your image you’re probably not that confident in your purportedly confident opinion. I think you don’t like fat fucks either but you fuck fats because you have to. No real woman would look at you.