so I guess the republicans failed at their “only job” they had for the last four years…

really hope they had a plan b for their future in politics 😛

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    Politics is not football
    Election day is not the superbowl

    The two parties are however two teams, owned by the same people.


    Mitch McConnell is a douchebag.

    Luke Magnifico

    I’m assuming plan B is to throw a hissy fit in the senate for the next 4 years instead of actually sucking it up and working for the best of the country.


    that worked for them for the last election.


    The choice to try and cast Obama as the most left-wing democratic president in recent history backfired. Now will the Republicans work with this center-right democrat to actually address our looming debt? We shall see.




    Read this:
    The real fight haven’t even began.

    Stupid career politician. It’s almost like he knows there’s an agenda to ruin America and obama and his fandom are being used to get people to bend over and smile for it.
    You people are epically fucking dumb. You fucked up so bad with this it’s insane. You’re all fucked now. laugh away…


    Plan B:

    Cry softly in my pillow, mumbling “Why hast thou forsaken me?” Then pray for a quick death in my sleep.

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