Somebody up there hates me

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    anybody know what this is from?


    Neon Genesis Evangelion: End of Evangelion


    So it’s one of the Evangelions.

    I haven’t been keeping up with all the new iterations of this show at all. I just saw the original one and the ending made me go “hruh?”


    Its the movie that was meant to show the fans what they wanted to see instead of what they saw for the last two episodes. It was made waaaaaay back. They essentially take place at the same time, what happens in shinji’s head is what happens during instrumentality in the movie.


    If you can find it on dvd, it probably has one of the best dvd menus ever, so haunting and fucked up. Also the movie EoE is pretty fucked, and if you got confused in the last two episodes of the series, then the movie probably wont help much, but it has some of the best action of the series.

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