SHIELD helicarrier

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    Wow. I can’t even imagine how much fuel that would take to actually keep afloat.


    In a universe where a guy has a tokamak reactor the size of a quarter strapped to his chest…and a guy made out of rubber who is also a super-genius that can build anything he imagines in about 5 minutes…I’m pretty sure they don’t have to worry about fuel.


    “Fuel? You’re so oldschool Nicky. She’ll get ya where ya need to go…” – Iron Man 2 Game intro 🙂


    Waayy better than the lobster looking thing that flies in TDKR.


    Dumbest. Idea. Ever.

    I mean, why do planes need a runway if the fucking carrier can hover FFS. AND you are going to land/launch relatively slow moving aircraft directly over a fucking turbine?? I give up trying to understand it. The entire scene ruined that part of the movie for me.

    tiki god

    tis’ just like any other aircraft carrier, except that it can move anywhere, and quicker than any standard carrier.


    The planes would still need a runway to match the speed of the carrier to land, and to increase their speed in order to get away from the carrier while it is in motion. While I am not a scientist, it does stand to reason that the planes could launch / land on it while it is in flight as long as they didn’t fly near the vortex’s that would be created by the turbines. As for fuel it would run on nuclear power just like regular carriers / submarines do. That’s really a non-issue. The plant would just have… Read more »


    Teh carrier can hover, but the planes aren’t VTOL??? Nope. And they’ve tried nuclear powered aircraft, didn’t quite work out. I’ll let you figure out why. Again, it’s sci-fi… anything you can think of is possible. This is clearly the “fi” in sci-fi.


    I think the correct answer is that’s it’s a goddamn movie about the Avengers. It involves a man that gains 800 pounds of mass when he gets angry. 90% of everything in the movie was made up because it seems fun and/or cool. The guys who dreamed up the hellicarrier were not trying to create something plausible or accurate. They were creating it with the mentally of a 12 year old that thinks it would be neat to ride a dinosaur into combat against Nazis. It’s not supposed to make sense. It’s for fun. Picking at it doesn’t make you… Read more »


    No shit Sherlock, it’s the internet, I can argue about anything I want.


    Yes, you can make any argument you want. You can also coat yourself in your own poo and dance to Duran Duran.

    I would enjoy some hard science in a movie, but I know Hollywood is mostly interested in the lCD. Hard science scares people, or so Hollywood believes.


    Yes bacon.