windows (rock version)

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    Missed a few versions, but the gist is it alternates between crap and functional with every version.

    The crap versions make you apologize and say a Mac is better.

    The good versions remind you that people actually USE a PC for work, and Macs don’t do shit.

    The moral of this story is the tool you use regularly breaks, and the little candy coated trophy you buy to impress the hipsters will remain pristine and useless.


    People that say Macs are useless are completely missing the fact that they run pretty much all the same software just as well.

    I prefer PCs, definitely.

    But, Macs are not useless, just too damn expensive.

    Luke Magnifico

    Microsoft Office for Mac is bollocks.

    Most games don’t run.

    Solidworks doesn’t run.

    Xcode is reasonably good but Visual Studio is much more stable and has a much better debugger.


    I’m sure there is CAD software that does run on Macs.

    There are Office replacements that aren’t all terrible.

    Yes, games is a known issue, but the previous poster was talking about work.

    You really didn’t refute my point, you just pointed a few examples which my point already allows for.

    Luke Magnifico

    There’s AutoCAD for Macs, but since a lot of it depends on emulation its performance isn’t great.

    My point is that there are many things at which PCs are good that Macs are not, but not many things that Macs are good at that PCs are not.


    And there’s a good reason Windows ME isn’t on there: it would just be an empty panel.


    Currently, my desktop is running XP, and my laptop is running 7, and I don’t intend to change this setup anytime soon.


    Windows 7 has had me pretty happy so far, and XP is a reliable old beast.


    I became a Win7 fan after I found classic shell (free), making the start menu behave like XP.


    If game developers know anything, Win8 is going to suck ass.


    I’d say that Notch and Gabe Newell know a thing or two, so yeah, signs point to major suckage of posteriors.


    Gabe Newell know what he is talking about, but keep in mind 8 has an app store that will compete with steam. Just sayin’


    Oh, you mean the app store that forbids adult content? Or was that something else?


    It forbids adult content? That seems like a bad decision.