Earth town vs. space rock

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    Did Milla Jovovich puke a love-beam at this one, too?

    fracked again

    Awesome reference.

    fracked again

    Unless it just materialized there, the meteor shouldn’t look so pristine. It should be a flaming ball of very bad day. In fact, the concussion wave moving ahead of the meteor should have turned the town to dust and matchsticks.


    If it’s plummeting at hypersonic speeds, there’d be no pressure wave ahead of it. When an object goes faster-than-sound, it becomes/surpasses its own pressure wave.
    What would probably happen is that the glow from the heat of re-entry would be so brilliant that the light itself would burn (or start to burn) everything in sight, even though it would only have a few seconds to do this before impact,


    Forgive my multiple nerdgasm, but another weird thing: let’s say for the sake of argument that this asteroid/meteroid/whatever somehow came to this point and wasn’t going anywhere…for all intents and purposes in orbit. An object that massive would have its own gravity –albiet a miniscule one compared to the Earth’s– and therefore there should be a Lagrange point somewhere between it and the ground, probably only a yard or so from the asteroid’s surface. Anything placed there would just hover indefinitely, due to the cancellation of respective gravities.


    if it’s not falling, maybe instead in ridiculously low orbit? If so…how long could it hold like that?


    Did they died?