I like your style, Romney. Don’t stop saying things.

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    Romney is picking up speed, and saying things is probably how.


    I’m just amazed he’s getting away with it. He’s done a 180 and sped right back to the moderate views he had before (which I was pretty okay with, I guess).

    At this point, what he needs to prove to me is that the slow, stable, guaranteed recovery we’ve been seeing since changing horses pulled us out of the nosedive (not trying to white-knight Obama, just watching the charts) is (a) not the best we could be doing, and (b) not even as good as what he’s got to offer.

    From what he’s shown me so far, his “tear it all down and build something new” attempt at a better path is a gamble at best, and this sure as shit isn’t the time for gambling. He sounds confident… but Tom Cruise sounds pretty confident about half the shit he says, too, so there goes that.


    He’s just going to switch back if he goes in office. Follow the money.


    They always go to their base to get the nomination and then to the center to get elected. Obama pretended to be a moderate and went full-fledged socialist on America and now we’re paying for it.


    The banking industry is still privately owned, the auto industry is still privately owned, the Dow is at 13,500 and corporate profits are at an all time high – if Obama is a Socialist he’s the worst Socialist in history.


    That is all untrue.

    Corporate profits are at all time lows. Unemployment figures are being contorted. Social security is being handed out to offset unemployment check figures and make Obama seem like he’s not a complete failure.

    The federal US government now thanks to Obama’s bailout owns 26% of GM. For the bailout money to be repaid the stock needs to be more than double what it is now. It’s around 20$ per share. It needs to be over 50 for the half a million shares Obama bought with the bail out to break even on the deal. Otherwise American tax payers just lost about 17 billion dollars. And GM will likely need another bailout soon.

    The dow is almost at the all time high it was at 5 years ago…just before it crashed through the floor. Because it was artificially inflated. So this time…it’s okay? No cause for alarm?

    He’s not only a socialist he’s poison to America’s finances.


    A lot of Romney’s “picking up speed” is actually because Gallup and Pew have changed the way they are polling election results. Gallup announced it will begin reporting on the polling results of “those it deems most likely to vote”. And since it deems Republicans to be more “energized” they are skewing the results that way, which has cut several points off Obama’s lead.

    Of course, who is “likely to vote” is really anyone’s guess, but then polls are pretty much educated guesses, anyway.



    Romney is picking up speed because the polls are a)not being skewed as much towards Dems, b)people are coming to the realization that being cool will not get them jobs or lower the debt or make us loved by our enemies, and c) Romney kicked Obama’s ass in the debate. And it’s not because Obama was bad in the debate. He was just like he always is. Only he never was what his supporters thought he was and they got a big eye-full of truth that night.


    There are two more debates – we’ll see what the truth is soon enough


    Alice’s mentality is amazing.

    To my knowledge no one has changed their polling practices. But when Obama was ahead the polls were skewed towards dems, yet when Romney is ahead the polls are legit.


    The new Gallup (since the jobs report) is out- Obama is up again by 5 points and ahead by 110 electoral votes.

    Seems Romney’s moment in the sun is over –


    really? huh…the HuffPo, a well known liberal rant page shows Romney with a “Razor thin” margin ahead. 🙂 lol


    A dozen pollsters, a dozen opinions –


    I would like to hear more from Romney and Ryan they’re doing a great job of showing their true forms:




    Listen and tell me which is the real Romney or Ryan


    Isn’t it curious that with all the debate going on within this post no one from the Romney/Ryan supporters has come forward after watching the videos above and identified the real Romney or Ryan?


    I think we’ve just discovered how to shut up right-wingers, republicans and conservatives. Show them videos of their chosen ones contradicting themselves over and over again. They’re either struck dumb, or, if we’re lucky, their heads exploded and the Romney electorate has significantly decreased.

    Come on anyone of you still out there with the cognitive skills to reply intelligently after viewing the three videos? We’re dying to hear your slurred confused rant.


    Obama apologists are like Jim Jones followers. I hope it all ends for them the same way.


    Congratulations, your brainwashing is complete. Now go forth and spout the mindless falsehoods we’ve worked so hard embed on your soul. Remember, straying from the path will cause you great pain, much like an addict go through withdrawal. Only when you finally wake up the actual truth will be clear and you’ll wonder how you ever believe the crap you’ve been spouting and you’ll feel like a total ass.


    congrats, your lobotomy has been completed it seems. we just needed to make sure you were going to vote democrat!

    I am guessing that most folks around here don’t remember Carter. I do. We are living in the 2nd term of Jimmy Carter right now…only someone adjusted the toner output.


    I love it…you neg-rep me because I bring up the retarded peanut farmer? Or that I compare him to Pookie? Or the fact that we all really know he has bollixed up the economy beyond what W did?


    I seriously doubt anybody is that defensive over Carter. Even Dems didn’t really like him all that much.

    Have you considered that calling all Democrats “Lobotomized” might have ticked a few people off? Might have had a similar response to the post above that all Obama supporters should take poison. I’m sure you thought it was “all in good fun” but some people don’t go for stuff like that. Maybe stick to actual facts next time.


    If they’re following the current Republican tactic on facts, that means they can disregard them when necessary, then go back and say that’s not what I meant, only to switch stories again at a later date. And here is the proof





    The fact that you hint at race, “…only someone adjusted the toner output”, just solidifies your ignorance.


    calling obama a black version of Carter is wrong? its the same bloody thing.

    And yet also insulting the right is a much more protected and enjoyed pastime compared to the right throwing back a few barbs of their own.

    I mean, the main talking point of the Democratic “chosen one” is fucking BIG BIRD? REALLY?

    That’s all cool though. I bust my ass and my wife busts her ass for what we get. We make a bit less than 100k a year, have some comforts and a few bills…I guess we are the enemy eh? We have no evil tax evading schemes that keep us from paying our fair share. And yet I see these idiots running around getting as much as they can, gaming the system, and vowing to support the “chosen one”.

    Fuck that. I work my ass off so these lazy bums can get over. No…not if I can help it.


    Nobody thinks you’re “the enemy”, but they don’t like being called “lobotomized” for having a different opinion.

    If you’re looking for “evil tax evading schemes that keep us from paying our fair share” you might want to look at the only candidate that keeps investments in the Cayman Islands and doesn’t want to disclose his 1040s – In my experience, people don’t keep good news hidden.

    Gaming the system? Wasn’t it Romney who took a $10 million “loan” from the feds for Bain and then came out and said “I don’t believe in bailouts”?

    You may be backing the wrong “chosen one”


    Anyone on the right has the same right to bash anyone on the left as anyone on the left has to do to the right, that’s free speech.

    The reason BIG BIRD became a talking point, is because it is the first specific point he’s made concerning program cuts, PBS. Had he said, I’ll get rid of huge subsidies to the oil companies, even though they’re reporting record profits and making all their investors fat with cash, everyone would have been much happier. Do you like your tax dollars subsidizing oil companies, then paying the price you do for gas making them all that profit?

    You and your wife bust your ass to make a life for yourself, I commend you, I do too. As do most people. Are there people out to milk the system the best they can? You bet your ass. On the flipside, there are wealthy people that take full advantage of opportunities, both legal and illegal to maximize their wealth. The wealthy have tax benefits that can’t be taken advantage of by most middle class. Why should I pay 20+% on my dollar earned while Romney pays 15% or less on some of his dollars earned, regarless of the origins of the income. Are you glad your tax rate is higher than Romney’s?

    There are some contributing tens of millions, or more, to the Romney campaign or super pacs supporting him that stand to make it all back 100+ fold when Romney tax plans are put into place.

    You’re not the enemy. Everyone wants to be successful. Everyone wants to keep as much as they earn as possible. But I don’t want to hand over a quarter on the dollar as Romney and others are only coughing up a dime and a nickle. Especially if his offshore accounts aren’t on the up and up. But we’ll never know without seeing his older tax returns.


    Romney is ahead by 19 points now.

    Even with libtards trying to lie about the debate results. I’ve seen some CNN robots trying to say Obama did a good job.

    Then again they also think he’s done a good job as president.

    If that’s the case why are unemployment benefits being sidelined to social security claims to offset figures on unemployment just before the election?

    Why all the constant and expected lying by the left? Why is it every time they say anything they’re lying? And then they actually try to lie that the right lies. They’re collectively nuts. Socialism is a trend in mental illness. It’s the new autism.

    tiki god

    you seem spastic.


    Check out the video links above and tell me if Romney and Ryan or lying. It may be difficult, because they’re contradicting themselves, A LOT!

    Nearly every reputable new service in the country pointed out the plethora of lies that Romeny spouted during the debate. How many times has Romney said something in an interview, only to have his staff later state that isn’t what he meant. Great strategy, say something to make yourself seem more toward the middle to a greater audience, then have your staff come back later stating that wasn’t what you meant, but that message reaches far fewer people than the original statement. It has happened countless times, and that’s if he actually gives a straight forward answer.

    Just yesterday, reporters caught Ryan coming out of a vehicle. They asked him some minor questions and he asked why all the softballs, throw me some hardballs. So someone asked about abortion, certainly a hardball question, and he clammed up.

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