1930’s street

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    I thought the red double deckers came out in the 40s. Of course that could be the colorizer’s mistake, or mine. Nice picture though.


    Color film existed at the time that those model cars existed –could be genuine.


    Google Goggles identifies it as Kodachrome stock introduced in 1935.


    I have no faith in an app that would purport to be able to identify the type of film used in a photo that was taken 70 years ago. What is this, a print made off of a negative kept in a climate controlled vault?

    Not saying that it isn’t color film from the 30s, since it does look very realistic, color-wise, just not trusting the app.

    That brings up another point, this IS a very well preserved image if it was taken in the 30s.


    The old AEC Regents started in 1929, replaced by the Regent II and Regent III after the war.

    You’re probably thinking about the Routemasters, also built bey AEC, which started in the 1950’s

    And they weren’t all red, there was a green line in the outlying areas and private lines with their own colors. But the red ones run by London Transport are the most memorable

    So yes, a red double decker in 1930’s London would have been a common sight. Especially during the war with petrol rationing.


    I stand corrected. I’m thinking it wasn’t during the war, though. There’s a lot of neon and light up displays, so not during the blitz. How much earlier than the blitz did fuel rationing start?


    According to Wikipedia not until 1942


    Found the original pic on the English Wikipedia – it’s actually from 1949. An early Kodachrome by by Chalmers Butterfield, Shaftesbury Avenue from Picadilly Circus, in the West End of London.



    Must be a rich neighborhood. Look at all the convertibles.