2012 election outcome

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    Whoever wrote this should know that Congress includes Senators & Representatives. Right on with the term limits though. I’d also add that Congress has to abide by the same laws and benefits that citizens do. Meaning they would lose their Congressional Health Care benefits and pensions in favor of Obamacare and Social Security.


    We’re voting in a representative democracy, not sending Santa our fucking wishlists.


    86% want Obama gone? Really?

    They want the borders closed now? Why not about 500 years ago? Oh, that would exclude the fuckers that wrote this!

    Also, the Bill of Rights IS part of the Constitution!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    It would but it would also have prevented the whole country from being built. America is more than just dirt. To Americans anyway. The injins were just living in the dirt and killing each other over it too.

    Close the borders now because open immigration is poisonous to current economic conditions.


    [citation needed]


    Apparently you think that speaking languages other than English is also poisonous to current economic conditions… whoops no, that’s just some racism accidentally slipping out.


    I absolutely HATE to agree with Magnus for once, but…

    Put aside his usual bigotry, and realize that 12.5 million Americans are out of work at the moment. Bringing in more people of any kind, foreign or domestic, is not what the country badly needs. Tighter borders for a few years isn’t the worst idea ever, neither is telling the parents on those reality shows that having 14 kids isn’t in everyone’s best interest.

    Luke Magnifico

    What’s to stop an American citizen getting a job that a Mexican would get otherwise? Low pay and personal pride? If a Mexican can make enough to survive mowing lawns and painting fences then so can the average American. The only difference is to a Mexican enough to survive is enough to afford a home and food for the table, to an American it means enough to run 3 cars, get cable TV piped in and pay Mexicans to mow your lawn.

    Why can’t you just mow your own damn lawns?


    Actually it is. Do you know how difficult it is to provide goods and or services to an entire population who immigrate here and yet refuse to learn the local language?

    When you immigrate, you’re supposed to intergrate. Ever hear the phrase “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” That’s old school knowledge. When you enter into a new culture, you adapt to that culture. It is utter and complete bullshit thinking that we as English speaking Americans should have to learn to speak Spanish or any other language just because they haven’t bothered to learn our language.

    It’s liberal f*cks like you who just don’t get it! If you moved to Russia, do you think you could get away with not learning the local language? How about China? How about France? Italy? They don’t adapt to you, you adapt to them. No dumbf*ck, it’s not racism, it’s common sense!

    Luke Magnifico

    America is entirely constructed on a single act of invading and completely destroying a foreign culture.

    Not that your point is wrong, I agree to a certain extent, I just enjoy the irony of your post.


    You seem like an intelligent person, Magnus. Unfortunately you use your powers to be a gigantic cunt…Maybe you’re really Magneto in disguise.


    Don’t even think that hard. Just downvote him on sight. Its funny seeing all his comments censored.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    from 4 IP’s this time.



    I downvoted you just because you whine so much about downvoting.

    Normally I don’t because you dedication to being an ugly person is amazing.


    Comcast has 18.582 million internet customers. The idea that 16 votes would come from ONE ISP is highly plausible, that they might come from four seems downright reasonable.

    Your point?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    OMG you are stupid

    Why would the same provider matter?

    fuck you’re just so fucking stupid

    my point is you don’t understand the initial comment and you’re a fucking loser

    just give up. this is starting to feel like I’m bludgeoning a retarded person


    Go ahead, bludgeon a retarded person – I’m durable.
    and while you’re at it, fill me in on where you get the IP information – do you have access to the server logs? Is Tiki making the IP addresses of people who vote public?

    I’m not surprised that the software saves the IP addresses to verify that you haven’t voted before, but I didn’t think that info would be shared with the general public.



    Yup, obama is still going to win.


    It could still swing either way, the problem is that there are too many people who are too set in their predjudices foe either party they aren’t even willing to examine the policies, they just vote on principle.


    i would rather deal with Obama than the other moronic twit. that brainless asshole makes a 2nd rate Las Vegas used car salesman look honest!!!!!!!


    Don’t you mean, mormonic twit?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Get over your conditioning.

    Basically you have a guy who is blasted by every media outlet save one and still looks like the best option vs.

    A propaganda reliant failure who is finishing off a term so disastrous his campaign is spending most of it’s time apologizing for the last 4 years.


    No, dude, stop. Just stop. Whatever world you live in, it isn’t the real one.

    If Romney’s being blasted by the media, it’s because he’s an out-of-touch MORON.



    Oooooo, I love this! Have you ever heard this in the original German? Dolf really knocked it out of the park, and Goebbels gave it, “Zwei thumbens upen!”


    so many isms in one post.

    Gotta ask though, why drug tests for welfare? why not for everyone? not that I agree of-course just wondering why.


    Costs, drug test are not free good sir. (Don’t quote me on this) But its (supposedly) costing Florida more to drug test for welfare than it is saving. I genuinely hope that isn’t true though.


    Yeah but theill just make the poor people who want support to pay for it. What, you want other people to pay for them? That’s ‘ism of whatever version were shouting today!


    It is true, and to an extreme cost.


    “Over 12 months, the money saved on all rejected applicants would add up to $40,800 to $60,000 for a program that state analysts have predicted will cost $178 million this fiscal year.”


    Oh and before I forget, ism.


    I meant ism plural, in reference to his nationalism, classism, racism etc

    And I’m wondering why people on welfare rather than another group. Why not test the people with money rather than poor people?


    It means test the Welfare recipients. The objection is that TAXPAYERS don’t want to pay for welfare recipients drugs. Do you pay taxes? Do you WANT to be paying for someone else’s drug habit? Obviously you don’t pay taxes.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    A drug testing strip costs about a buck.

    Telling someone they can’t have free money because they’re a drug addict makes sense.

    Drug addicts don’t get jobs.

    So in order to get free money they get clean. After getting clean they get welfare while they look for a job which they can do because they’re not high any more.

    This is so simple and obvious yet libtards play stupid (as with everything) and time has to be wasted rehashing the obvious.

    This is why nobody worth a damn takes a cause head seriously.


    Because retard,

    People who work for a living aren’t receiving public assistance, they are in fact paying for those who do. Also, it is an established fact that those who do live off of public assistance are involved in drug abuse and other criminal activity than those who are not on public assistance, so the point of drug testing welfare and other public assistance receivers is so that we as the workers who are getting taxed to pay for those who will not work, are not subsidizing their crack habit.


    I see

    It’s because you think that people on benefits are the spongers in society more so than the upper class. You don’t mind your taxes going to fund the ludicrous coke habbits of the corrupt wealthy fucks at the top or really what anyone does with their money as long as they earned it through the ^totally fair^ emplyment system you guys have over there. After all you would make less money for the economy if you put someone wealthy to work in the prison slave trade, but poor people, that makes sense.

    Americans really don’t understand the concept of a wellfare state or how much more succesfull, equal and happy people that come from them are.

    I do pay taxes and to be honest I don’t care if someone on benefit spends some of it on a drink at the pub or the odd bud, it’s not a measure of whether someone can or is willing to work. But then again I guess you guys are the sort that don’t see the point in a universal healthcare system either. America is such a mean country.


    Many jobs require you to submit to drug testing. That covers a good portion of everyone except Charlie Sheen. Sheen doesn’t get tested for drugs, the drugs get tested for him.


    Just had another great idea. Why no raid the homes of all people on benefits at random but at least once a week. That way even 1 downloaded song would give an excuse to throw tham off benefits and save tax money 🙂


    I do have to think that if the Republicans want Obama “gone” that they shouldn’t have fielded a candidate with no national political experience, no foreign policy experience, no military experience and a history of voting against the very platform the GOP supports.

    Remember, Romney is the guy who signed the first pro gay marriage order in the US, the guy who campaigned for Obamacare (and the individual mandate) back when it was called “Romneycare” and was governor of the state with the tightest gun control laws in the country.

    Even this month, when the GOP platform called for “no abortion under any circumstances”, Romney said he couldn’t support that. Team player, Mitt –

    I’m surprised the Conservatives want to vote for him, much less the Libs and the independents.


    And here I thought you were on our side, outlanderssc!


    Can’t deny the truth – Romney is just “Obama light” – same ideas with less experience. The only real reason to vote for him is he’s the white guy, if you care about that stuff.

    They should have brought in Jeb Bush for 2012 instead of holding him back for 2016. THAT would have been an interesting contest –

    Luke Magnifico

    I wouldn’t find that contest interesting because I honestly wouldn’t mind who won. A Republican candidate with a strong record on education reform married to a Mexican? It boggles the mind, which is a sad indictment of the direction the Republican party has gone.


    You are of course completely right.

    And Conservatives don’t want to vote for him. But Conservatives are also terrified of what another four more years of Obama would bring. They’ll vote for Romney because not voting for him would be nearly treasonous.

    Conservatives refused to vote for McCain, otherwise he would have likely won. The problem is that the Republican party as to many people like Romney in KEY positions. And they loath Conservative Republicans.

    Watching politics, both locally, State, and nationally, conservatives have been regularly shit canning Romney style Republicans. But it takes time.


    Four years of Romney are likely going to bring the same thing as four years of Obama – the economy will recover slowly as personal debt gets paid off, nothing will happen in congress as both sides demand everything, Romney won’t find the “magic tax loopholes” he wanted and as such either taxes will go up or the debt will go up. My guess is the debt as taxes are unpopular and Romney hates it when people don’t like him.

    The only big issue is if something really bad happens in Europe or Iran, and I think Romney is completely unprepared for that.


    Yeah because Obama going around and kissing the asses, and apologizing for America’s technological and social progress is way better right?

    Obama does not believe in American exceptionalism, and wants us to be an equal with the rest of the world. Here is the problem with that, we would have to dramaticly lower our standers of living, and go heavily into wealth distribution to do that. Why should we lower our standards? We got to be #1 in every front because our forefathers had the vision to set high standards to begin with. They also set up our constitution based on christan based values, and set us in a system of capitalism, which has worked out pretty damn well so far.

    Tell me, where in the world has communism, or socialism worked? Greece? Their economy is crashing, and is threatening to bring down the whole european economy. China? Whole ghost cities built where no one lives or works in, huge record of human rights violations, and unchecked pollution running rampant. How about Russia? Oh yeah, they crashed their economy also for over 20 years starting in the 80’s and only started recovering when they gave up most of the communism / socialism and started moving into capitalism (also another country with unchecked pollution and tremendous records of human rights violations).

    Obama is a Socialist, and he has almost wrecked our economy. Romney is a business as usual republican who won’t go near any conservative issues, however, he isn’t a socialist, he isn’t a communist, and he has a amazing record of turning around crashing businesses and making them profitable. Right now, I’ll take a guy who can fix the economy and repeal back the tons of regulations that the Obama administration has imposed which are killing business in this country.

    Also for the record, I would have voted in a heartbeat for Herman Cain!

    tiki god

    Do you even know what a socialist is?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Which kind?

    Because there is no such thing as just a “socialist”. Because of how all the varying sub categories conflict and differ.


    So much wrong – where do I start?

    Obama apologizing for America’s social progress? The only quote I could find that comes close is when he said “We sometimes make mistakes. We are not perfect”

    Do you really think America has never made a mistake? Seriously. This is just a Karl Rove manufactured talking point. Here’s what Obama really said –


    Obama ruined the economy?

    Jan 2008- Dow crashing, banking industry crashing, insurance industry crashing, GM and Chrysler going under, economy losing 800,000 jobs a month

    Jan 2012 – Dow up 60%, banking industry stable, insurance industry stable, GM and Chrysler showing record profits, economy gaining 95,000 jobs a month (not good enough, but better than losing)

    Doesn’t exactly sound like “ruined” sounds more like “saved our asses”

    You may not have noticed, but the recession started years before Obama was elected, and the effects linger. But he did stabilize it, prevented total collapse and it’s improving.

    And Romney’s amazing record at turning around businesses?

    Ampad – bankrupt 385 workers fired
    GS Industries – Bankrupt 750 workers fired
    Dade International – Bankrupt 2000 workers fired
    DDI Corp – Bankrupt 2,100 workers laid off
    Stage Stores – Bankrupt not resolved
    Details, Inc – Bankrupt, not resolved
    Contec Holdings Ltd.- Bankrupt, not resolved

    I’m not saying everything Bain Capital invested in went bust, but not everything succeeded, either.

    Plus, running a country isn’t like running a corporation, you can’t simply close down Mississippi or Alabama because they aren’t bringing in the revenue.

    where in the world has communism, or socialism worked?

    The point is moot, since Obama is neither – nobody outside the GOP thinks of him as socialist. If he was a Socialist he would have nationalized the banking industry for one, and would have put GM under government control instead of just buying stock in the company.

    But since you asked- Norway, Sweden and Denmark are not only Socialist but among the highest standards of living in the world.

    And you might also note the while not entirely Communist, we owe a lot to China – an awful lot.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Southern Sweden has an immigration and rape crisis.

    Norway…are you not paying attention? The forced socialist platform is what drove that guy to do what he did.

    Denmark is not socialist.

    I suggest you visit each.

    Check out Holland Finland too. Just don’t preach you hippy bullshit or you’ll get your ass kicked.

    I was just in Holland about a month ago. Looooota resentment against multiculturalism goin on there. Lotta hate for the left. I hadn’t seen real skinheads in forever but as soon as I saw the arab cabbies (btw never take a cab with an arab driving in Europe. I was warned off that by dozens of people) there were the natives keeping them a good distance from everyone so they couldn’t rob them.

    Granted that was Holland and nor Norway or Denmark. Sweden definitely has the same element though.


    What’s terrifying is, even though every thing he said is a joke, this person is not joking.

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