old men smacks a bear

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    And moments later that dumb shit was probably mauled.


    Actually this is from a documentary called Stranger among Bears. This old guy (Charlie Vandergaw, and he’s over 70) has a cabin in the wilds of Alaska. He’s been ticketed numerous times for feeding the bears. Wild Life officials kept threatening him with jail time and finally made him put up an electric fence around the property to keep the bears out.
    They never seem to air it anymore, but here’s a link to some info and clips Discovery Channel has.


    Whooops I was thinking of the wrong old guy..thanks crew.


    Yeah, no better way to show an animal there’s no bite to you bark.


    I know it looks like he’s being an ass but you show dominance or leave…


    No, humans just shouldn’t try to act like wild animals can be tamed. There’s a reason they’re called wild animals. I understand what you and this guy think about asserting dominance over a wild animal, but there’s also a real, proven reason why a lion tamer never actually strikes a lion. As Chris Rock said: “The tiger didn’t go crazy! The tiger went TIGER!!!’


    I never suggested it could be tamed, and this looks like that old guy that hung out with them in Russia for years…


    Don’t you people own a pet? With both cats and dogs, If you push them aside they’ll just come back for food and stroking. They just don’t understand what you want unless you give them a slap.

    I mean, come on! It’s only a cub! If you don’t hit on the nose when it reaches for food it will grow up way too comfortable with people and the next thing you know some kid loses an arm since the bear was being playful and wanted to have a taste of that burger…


    Every regional apex predator knows that the rare Bikeless Storminator is not to be trifled with.