Atlas Shrugged: epilogue

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    Ah, ridicule from someone who didn’t even bother to read the mocked material. Dagny Taggart knew how to cook.

    fracked again

    No worries, its a shitty book. Ayn Rand wrote the most annoying Mary Sue female characters, not to be surpassed until Twilight. Can’t forget the speeches that went on for what seemed like hundreds of pages, either.

    Best thing about Rand’s cult is that they don’t see how big oil/coal are now the ones controlling the bureaucrats to prevent adoption and development of new technologies. They are their own villains.


    Yeahyeahyeah, I’m not defending the horrible writing, I’m just saying criticizing a book without even reading it is bad form.


    Libertarianism: I grew up as a spoiled rich kid and it’s your fault you didn’t.


    Criticism, as always, from people too juvenile to read, much less understand, a book.