Fear not Hell

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    3rd row, first one is a wife beater


    I like wife beaters, especially on girls with really firm tits.


    And no bra – or a nice white lace one with demi cups.


    i dont…..what…these people are going to hell? wait…what? theres no fucking way frank zappa and angelina jolie are ever going to be anywhere together EVER.


    dumb alec

    its called athiesm ya tubeworm


    “It’s called atheism”? What’s called atheism? These are known atheists? Ok, so what? Who cares? I’m confused. Is going to hell something THEY say about THEMSELVES? You act like you know them personally! How the FUCK was I supposed to know that you goddam asshole? Jesusfuckingchrist.


    You should be this tall before posting here son….


    Keep calm and resume your aquafappage.




    How the fuck were you supposed to know? It’s called reading comprehension, you goddam idiot.


    Fuck off alla ya. Pretending you know exactly where and when this is from, who created it, whether it was one persons opinion or the opinions of the actual people pictured. You’re all, ” oh yeah, one sentence tells me everything I do and should know about this”. You’re all fuckin superior bullshit artists jumping on the bandwagon of Internet cockery. Next time someone grows a fucking spine like I did to ask questions about something and not be a shit eating pretender why not just answer their question instead of spewing some cowardly jizz hawkin pseudo intellectual insult to… Read more »


    God and Jack Sparrow could never go to hell, next you’ll tell me Magneto and Kirk are going too… *looks back up at picture* aww fuck you picture.


    How can Morgan Freeman be in hell. He is God.


    Row 5, #4: Myth BUSTED!


    So, big bang, evolution etc all started with space dust? Where did the dust come from? For that matter, where did space come from?

    Atheists are f*cktards who want to live a life without having to answer to anyone for anything, and I’m sure would all be pure hedonists, if not for unwanted pregnancies, STD’s, and all of the emotional burn that comes from that lifestyle.

    Also, I know this is going to be down voted into oblivion, and I honestly don’t care this time. Liberalism is a mental disorder and that bears repeating.


    You know what all Christians should do? Kill their own children. And I’m not being mean, I’m just using logic+christian ideology to conclude that it is the smartest thing (for a Christian) to do. Here’s the thing: children are exempt from moral judgment. If a child dies, he’ll go to heaven no matter what he did in his/her short life (according to Christians). So killing a child is the same as giving him an automatic ticket to heaven. If you allow a child to live too long, you’re risking him becoming “evil” and ending up suffering for an eternity in… Read more »


    Actually, only baptized children go direct to heaven. Unbaptized children go to limbus infantium, the limbo of children. Essentially, the suburbs of Hell.


    According to the Catholic Church; limbo doesn’t exist anymore.


    Pope Benedict XVI published a document, but all it really says is “we really hope they make it to heaven” and they told the priests to stop talking about it because it upsets people.


    Nice of them to tidy up the infallible word of God.


    “Where did the dust come from? For that matter, where did space come from?”

    The absence of an explanation doesn’t create another one (in this case, God). Where did God come from? Always been around? Same with space. Created himself? Then so did space. etc. Neither has any proof of origin.


    If god created light, where did he get the photons?! You can’t explain that.


    “So, big bang, evolution etc all started with space dust?” No. You pulled that out of your arse.


    Liberalism a mental disorder? The USA was founded by crazy people?

    Who would have known?


    Sign me up for that team.


    Too many arses in that list…
    A few gems, but most are pricks (Ayn Rand included)…I guess every Club has their share of embarrassments…They can’t all be Randy.


    Brilliant. Son.


    If there really is a Hell, at least I know I’ll be there with most of the finest minds in history. Think about that for a minute. The brightest people who have done the most good for the human race as a whole, all congregated together for all eternity. I’m sure if you have people like Einstein, Savage, Hawking, and Sagan there, you’ll have comfort. With Twain and Zappa, there’s entertainment. Hell, according to Christianity, the reason there is evil and Hell is because humans were given self awareness in the first place. Don’t get me started on my beliefe… Read more »


    Hell’s going to be a complete sausage fest until Keira and Angelina die.


    I’m sure SOMEONE could build femmebots. Da Vinci is already there working on one wacky project or another. This could be a sitcom! Sagan’s the pothead buddy, Leo’s making one contraption or another, Carlin and Twain are always bickering. It’s gold!


    How did they fail to put Attenborough on there?


    Ayn Rand puts me off a little bit, I don’t want to spend any time near her


    i dont like anyone of these assholes.. i hope i go to heaven


    set your hand on fire.

    Not really caring about the good company you’re in at the moment, are you?