Oh, and Condoms Are Verboten

Pro-lifer-Logic.jpg (51 KB)

Republican *and* a Christian you say? Oh boy, here we go.

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    They’re probably just lazy, otherwise they’d be multi-millionaires like the rest of us


    “pro-choice” logic 101: Does that fetus annoy you? Well, just kill it. You should have the right to kill anything that annoys you. We’ll even pretend it’s not really human so you don’t even have to pretend it isn’t murder. You don’t want to give up 50% of your salary so the idiots, the lazy, and the ignorant can have a full life without doing any actual working? How evil can you be!! The whole point of society is to protect those who can’t protect themselves!! How can you simply declare them “not worthy of the effort” simply because they… Read more »


    Must be Magnus again – you’ve missed the whole point of the post, as usual. It’s not about “the right to kill babies” it’s about being responsible for them after they’re born. What use is saving a fetus if you just let it starve after it has been born? How can someone campaign against birth control, and at the same time slash the programs to support the children that will result? And if you’d take the time to read the news, ever since Bill Clinton the “Temporary Assistance for Needy Families ” (what you probably call welfare) program has required… Read more »


    Not Mags – pro-choicers got called evil, but not losers, idiots, zionists, libtards or aids spreading homos.


    Mags also has more balls than to post without logging in.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Plus this is just obvious bullshit. And yet when I simply state my opinion I get called a troll?

    3 fucked up left wing faggot posts in a row.

    Every post polluted with the same boring, idiotic, annoying bullshit from 3 people.

    But ya…the guy who dares contest their stupidity is a troll…


    Still not sure about that, it’s his style of ass-hattery. But you may be right, maybe there are two people in this world as clueless as Mags – scary to think but possible.


    I highly doubt anyone in their right mind chooses to have an abortion lightly. Even if they have no regard for the fetus, it’s an invasive medical procedure. There are risks to the patient.
    I don’t know the cost, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that it’s more expensive then just using condoms or birth control.
    All of the above makes me believe abortions are the last resort of rational people.


    I’m tapping out. Bored to death of this shit.


    How about a new candy called ‘Abortoes’. They would help ease teenage pregnancy and leave their breath minty fresh… not to mentioned their vagina.


    Well, at least we don’t have an obesity problem and it’s a good thing those miserable Christians don’t give more in charity than any other group.


    If “Christian Charity” had solved the hunger problem in the world, we wouldn’t need to talk about it, would we?


    You mean woo that 13 year old boy, right?


    This shit is boring. Korinthian you keep beating the same old dead horse again and again. It’s getting kind of embarrassing for you, dude.

    We get it. You hate Christians. You hate conservatives. You are so cutting edge you look at people and they bleed.

    Now tell me, what kind of Panda are you going to start in the new WoW expansion?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    He’s so cutting edge he goes directly with the grain and follows all the orders his TV gives him.


    Mage I think. Or Druid.

    This post:




    If it farks twice then it’s a coding issue and not a typo by moi

    Yup…something wrong with MCS again. great. Or is it just no animated gifs allowed in threads?



    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Don’t laugh at Tiki. This is open source code and not under his control.

    Hang on did you just manage to go more-than-full-retard?



    Does this not like the \ in the close tag?



    fracked again

    Not understanding Mag’s syntax errors is a bug in Tiki’s system.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Well fracked again you’re fucked again.

    It’s a WP code thing. The coon has mod powers and I think that involves having a wysiwyg available to him.

    And it’s not Tiki’s system as I pointed out. It’s just open source code. There’s a reason this whole site is layed out like a blog.

    Whatever. You wouldn’t understand anyway lol


    [i]The coon has mod powers and I think that involves having a wysiwyg available to him.

    And it’s not Tiki’s system as I pointed out. It’s just open source code. There’s a reason this whole site is layed out like a blog.

    Whatever. You wouldn’t understand anyway lol[/i]



    Well, this is what 4 trillions dollars spent on the “War on Poverty” has given us. A dependent underclass that expects everything to be paid for and cries “victim!” if you call them on it. It took 30 years of liberal idiocy to arrive at the theme of this pic. Of course, the real answer is Adoption. Let the kids live, but put them in the hands of families that still value responsibility and FAMILY….or, as other posters have said – just start antoher freebie food program that solves nothing.


    There are lots of orphans out there now that haven’t been adopted, and you would add to that? I’d rather see money spent on higher education. Give grants and scholarships to those that can’t afford it, or better yet, make it cost less all around.
    If we give this next generation a chance at an education without incurring crippling debt via student loans, we’ll see America’s middle class grow and prosper.


    Oprah Winfrey was on welfare when she was a kid – J.K. Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book on welfare. David Geffen was once on food stamps, he’s now worth $4.6 billion. Thousands of others never became famous, but started businesses or established careers from a beginning on public assistance. The idea that public assistance just funds a “dependent underclass” is naive at best.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Ya because .000000000000000000000000001% of .0000000000000000001% actually do something with themselves. Trying to bullshit obvious abuses of public supported systems is beyond naive. It’s insane. Thousands have gone on to better things? Really? Because you wish it were so you stupid prick? Grow up. Oprah Winfrey was also a crack addict. J. K. Rowling was a drunk. David Geffen sucked cum all the way to the point where he now makes would be boy band superstars polish his dirty little pecker. You’re talking about a crack addicted thieving and ultimately bigoted and disturbed fucking ape, a drunk ass bitch who’s books… Read more »




    Those responsible families want to make their own babies.


    “If you don’t promise to feed my baby, I’m gonna kill it and blame YOU for being heartless!”