What a load of bull

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    1. jpmct49 says:

      Dude, that was 3000 years ago. Get over it!

      • outlanderssc says:

        It was written by God for all eternity. Just like the part about keeping slaves, fucking your daughters and not eating figs. Gotta follow the rulez.

        • Korinthian says:

          Except he changed his mind when Jesus came around.

          Oh, wait, that’s not clearly written anywhere.

          • outlanderssc says:

            It comes from the concept of the “New Covenant”, but there is debate over whether the New Covenant supersedes the old or incorporates and adds to it. (Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah – Jeremiah 31:31)

            • Korinthian says:

              Yeah I know. There’s a lot of talk about that. Then there’s the part where Jesus said the old laws are to be preserved down to the last tit and fiddle (such a naughty man).

            • outlanderssc says:

              Yeah, and the whole Matthew 5:17 thing- (Do not think that I have come to abolish the Laws of the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them)I guess that’s why there are so many Xian denominations, so everybody can have their own position on it.

            • titanzero says:

              “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.'” Mathew 5:38

              But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. Mathew 5:39

              Thus negating the old law

    2. BenK says:

      Unh… Isn’t this pretty much the same policy we have for dangerous animals? Like, if a dog attacks someone, we put the dog down?

      • Enemyofthecause says:

        Except that when I put the dog down, I eat the dog.

        Waste not want not

      • Korinthian says:

        Yeah, except we don’t torture the animal to death.

        And why waste the delicious meat?

        • guest says:

          Taking into account how tough bulls are, it’d probably take a whole lot of stoning to kill one, probably causing all its meat to be full of bruises and (infected) cuts. Not eating it might not be a bad idea.

          Though stoning it to death is still both needlessly sadistic and wasteful.

          • fracked again says:

            Stoning is just pre slaughter tenderizing!

            This verse is just more stupid magical thinking anyway.
            Prima: This bull has killed a person!
            Secunda: If we eat this bull, we will kill people, too!
            Prima: Better bury it up to its neck and throw rocks at it, just to be safe.

            • TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:

              Why would you have to bury it up to it’s neck to stone it?

              Oooo cause you heard that’s how they do in people.

              I get it. You just don’t actually know much other than what you read online.

            • Nurgen says:

              No, that’s just how they do it to women.

            • fracked again says:

              Maggie, Well, I suppose you could tie the bull down, but I don’t think it will stand still for a stoning. Do you have any other suggestions?

              Nurgen, Sometimes fundie Muslims bury the men to their necks, too. Most of the time they bury the men to their waists.

            • TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:

              You think it would be easier to bury a bull than to just tie it by it’s neck to a tree?

              Okay then. If that makes sense to you I really don’t know what to say. I’m not a special education teacher.

    3. TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:

      So here we have the clear lesson being to keep your property under control and not allow it to hurt other people.

      But let’s pretend we can’t see that and show how smart we are by picking it apart as though the bible is a fucking Ikea manual.

      How many times will stupid people act this stupid? It’s THOUSANDS of years old for a reason. People call it the TEACHING for a reason. You don’t piece together faith based on a manual.

      I’m not religious and I can see this clearly enough.

      Though I do have 2 undergrads and a masters (real ones. Not pretend libtard ones that fakefuck online).

      I know you all think you’re clever and that because there might be as many as 5 people on here all cowering around the same ‘I’m afqaid of da Jesus peepo next doow’ but you really are look miraculously fucking stupid right now. Over and over and in defence of your own and your fellow retard’s stupidity too.

      Or maybe you just out though trillions of other people and the basis for the world we live in. Cause you read comic books, play videogames, and are bad at sports. That seems plausible, assholes loololololooloolooloololoollloooolooLOllOLOlOl

      • Nurgen says:

        It’s a fairly poor lesson on keeping your property under control, the owner doesn’t suffer any penalty besides the value of the bull.

        I’m with you on the other point though… I really don’t see the point of picking at this verse.

      • outlanderssc says:

        Mags, if you have two undergrad degrees and a Masters why do you write like a high school dropout? Did you get someone to write your papers for you or something?

        You would think that with all that education you would know that “Though I do have 2 undergrads and a masters” is not actually a sentence.

        One would also think that you would have noticed that no one is disagreeing with the bible, just noting that different denominations have different views on what it says. Do we look stupid doing that? Then millions of theologians over the centuries must have been stupid, too – in fact, you’re implying that all of organized religion is stupid because discussing the religious texts and their meanings is the foundation of religion.

        Are you really saying that organized religion is stupid? Mags, I didn’t know you were a Deist!

        • TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:

          I write like a high school drop out? lol

          Really? Because I made one typo before? And my opinion isn’t aligned with yours? So I can’t possibly be highly educated?

          You’re such a fucking loser.

          You want to nit pick internet comments for grammar? Never start a sentence with a preposition. This is the crux of just about every post of yours on here.

          You can go ahead and try to put words into my mouth (sorry don’t get confused. I’m referring to the typing you reading now) but you’re just looking like even more of a fucking idiot.

          No one is disagreeing with the bible? Are you fucking insane. It’s RIGHT ABOVE THIS. You did yourself. You think you need to state ‘I disagree with this because…’ to show your lack of respect for the religious perspective?

          You’re not clever. I’m sure with your stunted intellect you think you’re clever but to the normal people out there with actual intelligence you’re just falling around over and over again like a fucking spastic liberal asshat.

          You think historical theologians discussed God and religion with contempt and no education on the subject? Now you’re some great thinker? LOLOLOLOL

          You’re just a sad little pussy who is afraid of the world.

          That is 100% the factual truth. You’re a scared little pussy afraid of the world.

          You and retard deserve each other.

          • Enemyofthecause says:

            “I’m sure with your stunted intellect you think you’re clever but to the normal people out there with actual intelligence you’re just falling around over and over again like a fucking spastic liberal asshat.”

            Nothing spastic here. Only mature discourse. Calling people fucking idiots and making blanket derogatory statements about peoples (Jews, liberals, homosexuals, etc.) is clearly something only atheist fag loving libtards do. Once a person gets an education, and does some reading and fact checking and hard thinking so that they understand wisdom the “trillions” of theologians who have come before us, they learn the secrets of clever discourse.

            And all is right in the world…

            • TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:

              Reading comprehension. Look it up.

              Ad hominem. Look it up.

              Rhetoric. Look it up.

              And lastly: sarcasm is the helmet wearing retarded cousin of wit. Guess what that makes you. <<== rhetorical hence the lack of ?

              Trillions of religious followers.

              I insulted him because while also making several points you somehow skipped I never restrict myself from calling someone a fag when they deserve to be called a fag.

              Coming to your fellow sheeple's aide would be more effective if you weren't also an idiot. You people are like lemmings jumping off the cliff after their friends to save them.

    4. Enemyofthecause says:

      You misunderstand, Magnus. I’m on your side. Of course you should be able to insult someone who doesn’t agree with you. You’re clever and they aren’t. You nailed it. If you didn’t tell them they are fucking losers, they would never know.

      Although I will take umbrage with you repeating the trillions bit. Researchers are thinking that there’s been 100-120 billion people ever. But no one can read everything even those who read more than the fags and the libtards who suckle at the teat of comic books and video games.

      Preach on, worldly traveler. You’ve got me on your side.

      • TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:

        Oh I think you have mistaken my words, king of satire who is so smart he …well he couldn’t follow an actual comment thread properly and didn’t respond to the post he’s attempting response to.

        Researchers huh? Any names? No? Any validity to their guess work? No? That’s okay. You have sarcasm.

        Oh and thank you for giving me permission to have an opinion. How did I manage to blast through your conditioned restrictions to attain such a noble allowance? I don’t necessarily agree that they wouldn’t know they’re losers without being told. I’m pretty sure they can look around in their real lives and see that. They can contest it online and deny it to themselves but really…even you as king of satire can see how sad and desperate they are. The level of stupidity demonstrated by two simpletons seems to be accelerating.

        Glad to have you on my side. I’m not sure reality and sense are a side so much as the expectations anyone has of a normal person though.

        Oh I didn’t know all comic book readers were gay. That’s an interesting perspective you have on them. I don’t know as I agree but if you want to say that all comic book readers are gay and engage in man on man anal sex and twin tipped dildo scissoring then you are allowed since you can have an opinion (so sayeth my “side”). Video game players too? Wow that seems like you’re labelling an awful big demographic. Up to you though. I guess per the opinion of the other “side” which is nonsense and lies everyone who reads a comic book or plays a video game HAS to be gay. It’s now mandatory?

        Wow king of satire you sure play hard. Hard as the dicks you insist pretty much every single guy who reads this suck and every girl who reads this not.

        *high five*, king of satire

    5. RealityCheck says:


      You bible-phobic retards do realize that this is how you keep domesticated species domesticated? You eliminate violent and uncontrollable animals from the gene pool!

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