Avengers 2

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Given the teaser in the credits of the first film, I had an idea for a title for the next Avengers movie. Thank me later.


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    fracked again

    Not a chance. They’d have to buy back Spidey, probably Silver Surfer, too.


    buy back? from sony? whatta you,high? marvel doesnt care about the sony spiderman anymore, why do you think they redid it? the same reason theyre doing FF again and Guardians o/t Galaxy, so they dont have to pay a fucking CENT for their own characters.

    as for the “thank me later” comment from edison. thank you for what? the obvious? have iq’s lowered this past weekend?

    fracked again

    Marvel’s studio didn’t redo Spider-man, and isn’t redoing FF.

    Sony redid Spider-man so the rights wouldn’t revert to Marvel. Fox still has the rights to FF and X-Men and is the studio making the next FF movie, as well as another X-Men prequel and Wolverine movie. It has been 20 years since I read the Infinity Gauntlet series, but I think it involved Wolverine, Spidey and Silver Surfer (SM and SS are at least on the cover), three characters that they don’t have the movie rights to. I could be wrong, but I think Galactus makes a showing, too, and I think that Fox has the rights to him as well.

    There are plenty of other Thanos stories, and the current rumor mill points to the Thanos Imperative as the GotG story. I never read that story, so I have no idea if it would require buying back the rights to any characters.


    While they can’t do the story exactly, I think they can manage something out of the concept of the story using the characters they do have rights for.


    As I recall, Spiderman and Wolverine had very minor roles – to be fair, I can’t remember what Wolverine did at all, and all I can remember of Spiderman is that he is killed by Terraxia and brought back to life by Nebula (not spoilers, as it’s not bound to happen in an upcoming movie and the comic media has been about of over a decade). Silver Surfer does play a major role, both as an all important distraction and as a sort of planar anchor for the entity that eventually does defeat Thanos, but I can see how he could be removed from the storyline to shift focus onto the Avengers as the film establishes them.


    Supposedly Marvel will be getting SS and Galactus back, maybe, if they can.




    I see what you did there. Who would be Torgo in this context?

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