Shit’s about to get Real

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    Ok. I’m gonna go there.
    Batman would win. Not easily. Explosive Batarang destroys light saber. Now all Vader only has Force. Sonic Batarang combined with flash/bang grenade allows Bats to remove Vader’s helmet. Punch in the throat makes him open his mouth, drop in a halothane/ketamine cocktail. Brake his nose, over.




    Batman would have about as much of a chance as Boba Fett.


    Given that Boba Fett is a loser who had to be retconned into becoming a badass in the Extended Universe, I would politely disagree.


    If you can dodge a laser beam you can dodge a batarang!

    Oh, and Vader can blow up Earth.


    Hands down Batman will fix between them both. Darth Vader honestly is not that much of a “bad guy”.


    Fuck it…I’ll play, too:

    Vader is telekinetic and precognitive. Nothing in Crazy Bat’s Bag of Tricks is going to break that combo.


    What if Lucius Fox had given Bats a Deux Ex Machi- er, I mean a Pulse Wave Midi-chlorian Disruptor? Y’know, the Nolanverse equivalent of a Bat Sith Repellent?

    All jokes aside, Batman would be in for a tough fight… unless he has Clark Kent’s number on speeddial on his Batorolla.


    You can only use mental powers if you can think. If your eardrums have burst, and you can’t see, and you can’t breathe, good luck with that.


    Eardrums? Breathing?
    Sounds like somebody tried to play Aquaman in RL one too many times 😀


    If only Vader had some protective gear that helped him breathe!


    There is a reason why Superman called Batman the most dangerous man on Earth. He has take-down plans for every super-powered person, good and bad. So arguably, if he and Vader shared a universe, there would be a plan to take Vader down.


    And by “take down” you mean “put in an asylum from which he will escape shortly”.

    Dangerous my ass.


    Don’t want to be putting yourself out of business –


    Hah! Good point.


    He’d have some fail safe, I’m sure, but wouldn’t the precognitive abilities give Vader the edge? I think so. And by edge, I mean he will DOMINATE.


    Yeah, precog is awesome. Kept them deathstars nice and shiny, huh.


    Well, arrogance can get in the way.


    *If they existed in the same universe and Vader was a known property.


    Have you fools forgotten that Batman kicked Superman’s fucking ass? Don’t, DON’T say Vader could beat Superman.


    He was prepared for Superman, because Superman is a known property in the universe he inhabits. Because of that, he made sure to have a way to deal with the possibility of throwing down with the big man.

    And Vader could possibly beat Superman. I think it would be close, but I do think Superman has the edge.


    False. Fry his brain from orbit. Done deal.


    Not going to happen. Superman is honorable. He won’t fight like that unless he’s being controlled or distorted by something, or unless he realizes what he’s facing. I don’t think he would consider Vader enough of a threat on his own.


    superman is weak against magic. force is magic. besides, I’m darth can replace the crystal in his lightsaber into a kryptonite one.

    which gets me back to batman: whatever trick the bat has up his sleeve, vader has very good tech skills combined with magic. this alone should allow him to win.


    There is no justification to say that the force is similar to magic. None. None, none, none. Again, Vader being able to replace his crystal with kryptonite requires them to have coexisted for a reasonable amount of time, just as I do believe Batman will gain the upper hand assuming they coexist and learn of each other. I think that while Vader is technologically adept, that his tinkering days are behind him at this point and he would just attempt force chokes, throws, and lightning on Mr. Wayne, as well as using his lightsaber which will cut through anything Wayne… Read more »


    Well, I’ll say I haven’t commented on any LESS ridiculous Internet arguments!


    Barnard Goetz shoots them both and is the only one of the three still alive when the train pulls into Times Square. Nerdy white guy defeats pretend villain and hero.




    Really people ? Vader is as much machine as flesh, have the bat toss an emp and its safe to say that its game over for Vader


    batfag would go down.. hard