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    Because capitalism works!


    It does work imperfect though it is. It’s certainly better than socialism as is being proved at this very moment with the collapsing of Greece, Spain, Italy and a continuing cascade of socialist or semi-socialist nations in the EU.


    In an ideal world almost any form of government and economic structures SHOULD work. But as long as there is greed amongst the powerful and lack of initiative amongst the lower class, they all have the ability to fail. The problem isn’t the systems its the participants.


    These are only “absurd” if you have no understanding of logic and economics and fail to understand that much of the social misery we see in our country today is the result of socialist policies like the “War on Poverty” that rendered a generation of people dependent on welfare. What a dope!


    How is the military spending related to logic? That’s probably the biggest money sink *in the world*.


    It’s true we are sinking billions into the military. The upside of that is the military is one of the few government programs that actually works well.

    Still, Obama should pull us out of Iraq (almost done), Afghanistan, and Libya immediately. I suggest everyone write him about that, the warmonger that he is.


    And Obamacare is just a continuation of the same social misery as it, too will continue to make more and more dependent on the government for everything. Right at 50% of Americans pay no taxes now. They are almost totally dependent on government programs that are paid for by taxes of those who do pay. This is a system that simply cannot continue. Government does not create jobs and can only print money for a finite time. The crash that is hitting Europe now will be our crash in five to ten years unless we change things.


    America is a like a teen with 4 credit cards and no understanding on money management and quick to act on impulses.


    That, my friend would be our elected officials – specifically the Democrats.


    Were you even paying attention during Bush’s presidency?


    In fact:


    Why yes I was. Bush spent too much. Barry, however is drowning us in dept. Well, I should say drowning the young in debt, not me.


    That’s just hilarious. Specially the poverty numbers since even a minimum-wage worker in the US would qualify as rich in 95% of the rest of the world. Also the homeless problem: a pretty sizable chuck of them are homeless because they suffer from mental disorders and most of the others are just plain “too-dumb-to-live”. Like athletes and musicians have demonstrated (80% of whom end up bankrupt less than 5 years after the end of their careers no matter how much money they made) giving stuff to idiots doesn’t cure their idiocy, it only turns them into whiny idiots who have… Read more »


    It bugs me when people use that argument about minimum wage. True, if someone making $7.25/hr had the buying power that they would have living in one of those countries, they would be rich. But they don’t. It’s not about comparing the actual monetary values, it’s about what that wage can get you where you are. In many locations in the U.S., minimum wage can’t get you a place to live (and definitely can’t afford you the luxury of moving to another country where you can “be rich” with minimum wage skills) Saying that our poor would be rich in… Read more »


    Well, time and again it’s been proven that raising the minimum wages does away with jobs. The minimum wage was never meant to be enough to support a family. It was simply meant to be a fair and standard wage for work that normally does not require any higher education or specialized skill set. And yes, perhaps it is unfair to compare America’s poor with the poor of other nations, but you have to agree I think it is hard to feel sorry for the poor of America when they walk around with iPhones and have big screen TVs and… Read more »

    russell sharpe

    mythology is fun


    None of the broke people I know have new televisions or iPhones.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Oh shit you mean your poor friends only have the 4G and not the 4GS? My thoughts and prayers are with their families.


    Don’t like capitalism? Fine. Go do your socialist thing and I’ll just continue to own your sorry little ass.


    I’m in Afghanistan right now and have been in and out of the middle east for the last 3 years and I can tell you first hand that most of the good hard working people out here would absolutely love to upgrade their situation to US poverty. I’m not saying the lowest situations in the US are easy lives but it is by no means true poverty.