Algebra IRL

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    Are you kidding? Do you know how much algebra was involved in creating both the hardware and software required to allow you to post that?


    Exactly. Sometimes I feel like the only one who truly regrets not learning this stuff more thoroughly, as that’s the single biggest hurdle in advancing my career.


    Then maybe you should get a job that requires your intellect. But even if you don’t, mathematics teaches you how to think about problems, how to zero in on the information you need, how to solve problem by working backwards, how to think abstractly!


    Every Freakin’ Day, usually several times an hour…

    Maybe you just didn’t get/choose a Job that requires such Math…


    I use it a lot actually. In physical chemistry, you need to do these kinds of partials to know how to relate different aspects of gasses, like how its entropy relates to its pressure and such. They also come into play when you deal with quantum mechanics.


    I use it every day, and I make stupid money for it. That PBF character should study harder.


    In a few years time we will all have cyborg parts that do math for us, kind of like how mobile phones do it today.


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