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Jesus would so turn that water in to wine the walk all over that “dinosaurs” face

Luke Magnifico

This thing of, drawing parallels between religion, and mythology, has been done so many times that, having not been funny the frst time, negative levels of humour have, been achieved.


I think the odds are more in favor of the Loch Ness Monster being real.


Or ‘sus could multiply Nessie into thousands, ( like the loaves and fishes ) and unleash his legion of monsters onto the earth to punish us for praying to him for things like “call B2 god please call B2!” or ” lord please let that smokin chick be at the dunkin window this morning”.


If there is a creator God, then that being could easily become incarnate. It would not be a matter of ‘how’ at all; only ‘why?’ So why would not a creator God do so if they felt they had a very good and necessary purpose for doing this? It would not strain their knowledge or abilities in the least, and if Jesus is God in the flesh, as he claimed to be, to do miraculous things to show mastery over nature would effectively back up his words. It would build faith in people who were meeting and hearing him for… Read more »


That’s a lot of ifs…


I fell asleep 10 words in.


5th word for me.