I don’t like bacon.

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    What kind of sacrilegious heresy is this?


    So…. if I’m reading this right when you say “I don’t like bacon”, what you actually mean is “I think I’m suffering from a mental illness, and I need help.”

    That’s what I got from that anyhoo…..


    I think what it really means is, “I’m a contrarian and sick of the ‘BACON!’ meme on the internet. I’m tired of it and done with it. This has nothing to do with my true opinion on the actual meat known as bacon, since no one who has tasted it doesn’t love it.”


    a closet jew or muslim?

    here’s more bacon www.ocregister.com/entertainment/fair-362805-food-bacon.html


    Could be a veg, too.

    mmm bacon

    Are you a vegetarian? Can’t trust no vegetarians… At least Jews and Muslims eat beef and poultry. Vegetarian are just crazy !!!
    Did you know for every lettuce you eat, a poor, helpless, furry, bundle-of-joy bunny gets starved to death ? A slow, agonizing death mind you ! Not the efficient captive bolt to the head kind most Prozac poppers can only dream about.

    Besides, I don’t remember offering any. Bacon ain’t for sharing with the likes of you.

    Now, where is my bacon ??? Om Nom Nom Nom…


    That’s not how agriculture works.

    mmm bacon

    Sure it does. Limited farm land invested in lettuce = Less grass for whatever wild life out there. Now, sure enough cows and pigs eat their fair share of grain. But that’s wheat by-product people grow for bread.
    I’m simplifying, of course. But a creative mind can see where this is going.


    when you say “I don’t like bacon” It means youre a hideous person, and you don’t appreciate anything good in life. I cant trust your taste in anything, because you have horrible taste, because you dont like bacon.


    I wish we could hang out so I could have twice as much bacon.


    I don’t like bacon. I know that for some it’s difficult to comprehend but the answer is simple… when I was a kid my grandfather’s neighbor was a pig farmer and I like going over and watching the pigs. One thing you learn about pigs real quick if you hang around them – they like to eat shit! I don’t mean like… it’s more like — they love eating shit more than eating food or grub. These animals live for eating shit… they can’t seem to get enough of eating shit. If you travel around enough you soon learn that… Read more »


    shit decomposes, earth worm eats it, worm poop eaten by vegetables, you eat vegetables.

    consider the pig a tasty shortcut 😛 YAM !


    That’s not how nutrition works.


    At least, that’s not how nutrition works for omnivores.