The Rainbow Bus Club

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    And just to get that authentic gay feel, we’ll all get beaten up by rednecks and have our children and jobs taken away from us! Yay!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    What propaganda are you reading now?

    Just for an authentic feel they can all do some poppers and give each other AIDS and whine about how they’re so hard done by when they’re actually given every advantage in the world! Nooo…real must be phantom evil ‘rednecks’ like in those movies you watched…lol jobs taken away. What year are you living in?

    russell sharpe




    The circle of me making you assholes look ridiculous is cum plete

    Thanks for outting me…with a picture of a guy Dreth grew up with that I grabbed and made that account’s profile pic

    You fucking people are too easy!

    Thanks. You really know how to show how stupid you types are. It’s unfair how easy it is to make you look stupid.

    russell sharpe

    suuuuure it is
    nice paunch tubesteak
    i bet it brings all the boys to the yard


    keep going

    Maybe you can try and cry this into being a reality like your types try with everything else


    russell sharpe

    lol keep tryin ya chest waxin raisin smuggler

    Oh I will.

    You really got me here. lol


    Maggie – your complete cluelessness is a thing to behold.


    they terk our jerrbbss!!!!


    Rabble rabble!


    I am so there!!!


    Sort of divide by zero…


    Looks legit…