Heavy Metal singers

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    Is Guns n’ Roses heavy metal? Man, I suck at music genres.

    Would be more educational if the bands were also listed.


    The earliest example of “metal” i can think of is a 1988 instrumental track from darkthrone called snowfall:

    70s and 80s metal barely registers as rock and is mostly blues with heavy distortion and tight drums.

    theres some decent “hair metal” songs and some unusual punk \ thrash songs in the 80s but no “metal bands”. ac/dc is too light but damn close.
    now metallica is the beginning of the harder sound but they get heavy rock early on.

    anyone can link something as heavy as darkthrone without the operatic iron maiden vocals ?


    Seriously?!? Slayer.

    Solitude Aeturnus, Napalm Death, and Carcass come to mind.

    Youtube “Doom Metal” and have at it. A lot of those bands are late 80’s/early 90’s.


    Nigger you just went full retard. There was plenty of power metal, thrash metal and heavy metal in the 80’s. Actually, ESPECIALLY in the 80’s. The 70’s had some heavy stuff but it was still “work in progress” but it paved the way to the decade of some of the best metal you can still listen to today.


    There are lots of types of metal, but I’ve never heard of someone throwing out 70’s metal or calling it a hair band. Black Sabbath comes to mind right away. There’s also the Misfits if you want to get into some of the darker stuff. So your saying Judas Priest wasn’t heavy enough? Slayer? What about Motorhead? I think you glossed over a lot of really great metal bands in your statement, and Metallica didn’t really become hard rock until the Black album.




    I can’t believe the Extreme metal bands sound to a hardcore Norwegian Metal fan like Heavy Rock. I guess 27 is old enough to “not-get-it” anymore.

    Maybe to him\her, Slayer and Metallica sound like Heavy Rock. But even Napalm Death ?! I can understand Doom sounding too slow and the vocals are clean, but Napalm Death ?!?!?!

    He MUST be trolling… Right ???


    Personally I tend to prefer the vocal tones of neo-avant-garde-prog-power metal, but that’s just me.

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