The trick is not minding that it hurts

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Dedicated to all the poor souls whose 3D glasses didn’t come with a spoon.

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    So what was the point of the opening scene?


    I believe that it was an allusion to Prometheus, instead of stealing fire, it was creating life


    Prometheus also created humans out of clay prior to the stealing of fire from Olympus.


    What’s this from?

    “The trick is not minding that it hurts”…I first heard this line in All The President’s Men, attributed to G. Gordon Liddy –though I wouldn’t be surprised if earlier versions exist (Machiavelli, Sun Tzu, etc.)


    lawrence of arabia said The trick is not minding that it hurts the clip with Peter O’Toole is used in the movie


    Okay, that too.


    Is that Scorpius?


    the first picture looks like squidward when he turns into a “hunk”


    Nope, Scorpius.


    Dedicated to those
    whose 3D glasses
    didn’t come with a spoon
    so you can eat our asses.


    He was making the sacrifice of being the first living thing to incubate the bio weapon so they could unleash it upon the human race, which they created and decided was flawed, thus destroying them. Didn’t work out exactly as planned.


    That was supposed to be Earth, and the creation of the Human Species, not the bio weapon, so I believe that he was Prometheus giving life.


    who said it was earth. i think it was lv 426 thousands of years ago, no?


    think about it. why create the bio weapon on earth, fly hundreds of light years to build a temple on a another planet, only to fly thousands of light years BACK to earth to release it? why wouldnt they just build the temple on earth? doesnt make sense. lv 426 had water in the first scene, thousands of years later it didnt, and then thousands ( or hundreds ) of years later it had water again. planets change like that all the time, ( ie: mars)


    LV 246 was a remote Bio Weapons Facility, I agree however it also had a ring system and looked like it had a different primary. The opening scene was imo Earth, and the start of all life, also the reason not to build the weapons facility on Earth would Humans, and the possibility they would stumble across it, I still dont understand why they left clues as to where the facility was in cave paintings and other art. Especially going by the actions of the Engineer they release from Cryo……Again this is one of those things where we may never… Read more »


    “Dedicated to all the poor souls whose 3D glasses didn’t come with a spoon.” What does that mean?


    Ah… I see. I must say I rather enjoyed the lack of answers as well. Keeps the theories pumping and is fun to see which one plays out. Even the opening scene seems to be in question (I took it as a panspermia of sorts, though that is likely the improper noun as I believe it refers to strictly space-born spores/bacteria)


    All I know is that in the army we used to give our MRE spoon to people who were pissing us of and tell them “Here, why don’t you eat my ass”

    Maybe another case of only making sense in a limited context.


    “3D glasses”
    3D* glasses.
    I fixed that for ya.


    This movie ruined the series for me. I even saw it in the theater as opposed to downloading it like usual. Aliens is my favorite movie, pretty much perfect in every way, plot, effects, acting, etc. Prometheus was just idiotic. There are no heroes in space missions, no alcoholics, and no unplanned EVAs. Removing your helmet? That shit was not planned, and thus wouldn’t happen. And in at the end.. she planned on traveling to their home world to destroy them? I’m guessing she planned to starve 1/1000th of the way there, or figure out how to use the alien… Read more »