Barack Obama bio

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    ….and the WORST president in history.


    um… GW Bush????


    Ah, the lefts reply to everything!


    Ah, a response that means exactly nothing!


    GW Bush wasn’t a president of the Harvard Law Review, silly.


    And Obama published nothing in the Review.


    um…Warren G. Harding? Andrew Johnson? James Buchanan? Have some perspective. History is longer than the last decade.


    Who cares about the 14th amendment, really? Our government has been regularly violating plenty of the constitution since time immemorial.


    Seriously, it’s a stupid amendment and shouldn’t be there. Treat your citizens as full citizens.


    Just because it’s been done before doesn’t mean it’s acceptable.


    are fucking idiots still thinking Obama was born in Kenya?

    And he is a muslim radical that hates the white man.

    there are two types of republicans: the manipulators and the manipulated. check your wallet to see which one you are.


    To be fair, there’s only one kind of citizen, serfed.


    It’s all good, this retard is so going to get lol-owned by Romney in November. Apparently the Socialist-Utopia that the dumbass-in-chief and Marxist’s in the Senate tried to force on th American people hasn’t quite worked out the way they planned.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually he owned up to faking his birth certificate. I remember Clinton was pretty sure he never fucked around until he had to admit that he had fucked around and then lied. This is why America’s left is worse than it’s right. The right know more about politics. The left know more about current events because the media leans to the left but reality and prosperity lean to the right. If you vote democrat you’re either rich as hell and see the benefits of the charity driven tax breaks or you’re poor as shit and… Read more »


    you guys are a bunch of fuckin retards if you think he wasnt born here, wether he is or not a good president is completely a different story. HE WAS BORN HERE. deal with it. and you call yourself nerds and geeks. you are all retarded.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Ya…everyone is retarded except you. 😐

    That is an excerpt from a publication before he was elected or in politics. Maybe he was born here but he only was proud of it when it became necessary. Before that you know damned well he was bragging about being born in Kenya (though I can’t fathom why. Outside of the white areas in South Africa that entire continent is a never ending disaster).

    He might not have been born here and you bought into some lies. DEAL WITH IT.


    In general, author biographies are provided by the author and are made available to the author to review/update annually and for over a decade Obama’s biography included Kenya as his place of birth. When his wife refers to Kenya as his homeland and when his Grandmother, who is sitting in her home in Kenya, points to the hospital down the road and states that he was born right there, and when during an interview he states “my Muslim faith,” then you should be able to understand why some people doubt his background. I’m not a birther, I believe he was… Read more »


    None of this happened. Except the bio.

    The woman who compiled the bio has already explained it was her mistake and that Obama never saw it until it was too late to rectify.

    But the problem is, he’s black. And it follows that if a black man is in the White House, and not the cleaner, it must be because he cheated, right? No self-respecting God-fearing country would elect a monkey, amiright?