classy ponies

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    You’ve found a way to make the pony posts even creepier, well done

    tiki god

    Why do you think this is creepy?


    They probably have cocks.


    Probably because it’s somewhat sexually arousing. A quality kid stuff shouldn’t have.
    + the love-hate relationship to pony’s here.


    sure thing. nothing more innocent than Disney’s Jessica Rabbit…
    Do you know how critiques will tell you that good kids animation is designed to really entertain the parent who watch them with their kids ? Disney’s approach mid 60s onwards was to arouse said parents sexually… now thats creepy 😀


    Jessica Rabbit is definitely the most sexually arousing cartoon I have ever seen. When I saw “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” for the first time a couple months ago I was dumbfounded.


    Because he’s changed the annoying, talking ponies into weird, mutant, anthropomorphic ponies.

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