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    She can hunt my head any time.


    It’s only cannibalism if you swallow. If you spit, it’s a waste of good nutrition, and don’t they say God hates wastrels?


    What’s it called when I stick my penis into a ham sandwich?




    Forever alone?


    a Frisco Special?

    russell sharpe



    Probability of any given sperm to turn into a human being after a blowjob: 0%. Even if the sperm had ended in the right orifice the probability that any given sperm turns into a human is infinitesimal.

    Probability of a fetus to turn into a human being if not aborted: over 97%. In fact, the only times a fetus DOESN’T turn into a human is when it is killed either accidentally (miscarriage, disease, etc.) or on purpose.

    There’s a huge difference between a blowjob (or jerking off) and killing a fetus, you ignorant bitch.


    If a sperm has 0% probability to turn into a human being. What’s the probability of a virgin giving birth?


    Well played sir, well played.


    When you consider the fact that the Virgin birth and resurrection doesn’t appear in the oldest Bible books (Codexes), you then have to accept that most people will believe whatever they are told….

    Dyon 86

    Yes big difference, very big difference, I agree but we’re still forgetting about the other poor sperm. If there are millions of sperm in “one shot” (to put it politely) and only one of those sperm actually get to fertilise the egg, then the other millions of sperm (who each have the POTENTIAL to creat a new life) actually DIE! Does no body care about the millions upon millions of sperm which waste away whether it be in either a mouth, a tissue, some other crevice or simply didn’t make it to their final destination because they weren’t fast enough.… Read more »




    You ignored the probability of any given fetus to grow up to be a douchebag, 85% in the US…


    Firstly, it’s MUCH more common to terminate an embryo or a zygote than a fetus. Secondly, if the probability of turning into a human being is relevant, then, given that it’s quite easy to turn an egg into a human being, every time a girl lets an egg die instead of getting pregnant she’s doing something not very different from an early-term abortion. The point she’s trying to make is that it’s just a bunch of cells you’re killing with most abortions, the same as giving a blowjob. The main reasons for late-term abortions are difficulty in obtaining funds and… Read more »


    It’s assholes like you that want women that have miscarriages to be thrown in jail; shit like that is already starting to happen. The Young Turks did a story on a woman that was charged with murder because she delivered a stillborn baby, is that the kind of country you want to live in? There are also senators that are trying to push bills that would completely illegalise abortions and miscarriages, if that bill got through women who had miscarriages could actually be put to death using the death penalty: I don’t even bother listening to assholes like… Read more »


    She looks like she’s cannibalized trillions over the years.


    Hopefully soon it will be a trillion and one. You know what I’m talking about. Wink wink nudge nudge.


    rofl oldnoob

    The King of Nothing

    For or against abortion, that is a stupid sign/argument.
    First off, it’s now always swallowed so not all bj’s would count.
    Second, bj’s don’t involve eating a fertilized egg. Abortion is about that. Not at all similar cases.
    At least be smart when trying to argue a point otherwise it helps the other side by showing how dumb your side is.


    “it’s now always swallowed”

    I wish.

    one start

    a) eating my cum is different than being pregnant and having the unborn baby chopped up into vacuum friendly sized pieces and sucked out with a Dyson.

    b) you’re facing the wrong way. Turn around. Everyone else is looking the other way.


    a) One of these things sounds horrific, the other involves a vacuum cleaner.

    b) Boobies.


    That’s a nice font on her sign.


    Ive never understood why religious fanatics are so opposed to abortion.

    Why all the bitching if the unborn babies souls are just going to be reborn anyway…


    Pointing out the obvious shooop.

    My ten cents — Abortion isn’t murder. And in fact, if abortion happened more often (and religious idiots didn’t exist, and contraception was generally more accepted, especially amongst Catholics), I think there’d be a higher standard of living for most people, considering they’re not having kids they can’t afford.



    The real problem is christians. We need to eliminate them so we can kill babies in peace.