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    22 Responses ttto global warming changes the Earth

    1. Wildman7316 says:

      It’s what you AREN’T told that is telling…

      The “1978” picture is taken with Ektachrome Slide film in “normal” light (Ektachrome was the Slide Film of preference for Landscape Photographers since it accentuated Blues and Greens) while the “2012” image is a Digital Image taken in the Infrared Spectrum. It would also help to know what month each Image was taken.

    2. DrEvil says:

      The continental United States is not a dry, brown wasteland as depicted in the 2012 picture. Go outside and look around, Spring is here and everything is turning green. The cult MMGW has lied to you.

    3. Flurgen says:

      It’s horrific the amount that the U.S has grown in that time. Another hundred years and it will almost cover the Earth!

    4. bstaples says:

      What’s truly amazing is that in that 34-year span, nothing else occurred over that plot of land, making Global Warming the obvious and only cause.


    5. Korinthian says:

      Global warming is a fact, but this picture smells of bullshit.

      • TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca says:

        Proving once again that only retarded people think global warming is an accurate theory and not just alarmist bullshit designed to get everyone to bend over for some new taxes.

        • Korinthian says:

          Worst case scenario: we save the world!

          Best case scenario: Navi pays for it all.

        • draikyn says:

          Actually global warming is a fact. The ENHANCED GREENHOUSE EFFECT, often mistakenly called global warming, is what is debated. See, global warming is the name given to the natural tendency of the earth to warm up. The enhanced greenhouse effect is the theory that human activity is speeding up or causing the earth to warm up.
          So yes, you’re right. Only retarded people think global warming is accurate theory…

          • dallasalice says:

            In one sentence you say that the Enhanced Greenhouse Effect is a fact and in another you say it is a theory. Which is it exactly?

            Nevermind, I happen to know. It’s a theory. Still to be proven and therefore NOT a fact.

            The picture is bullshit by the way.

            And could you please get rid of that fricken Lexu ad that pops up all the time?

            • Korinthian says:

              How many times have more intelligent people told you what “theory” means in this context?

              Do you have a learning or a reading disability, or do you simply suffer from being a creationist?

            • gx5000 says:

              Why are you idiots always confusing the word Theory ? How many times do we have to explain to you that in Scientific terms a Theory IS a fact, and a hypothesis is what you actually think it is ? anyone over the age of eighteen that still lacks the basic knowledge of the Scientific Method deserves to be sent overseas…You kids are making Idiocracy into a Documentary.

        • outlanderssc says:

          Butthead is clearly going for the “most wrong poster of all time” title on m[c]s. Just because some evidence was faked does not disprove any theory. it just calls for better sources.

      • gx5000 says:

        Right on K !

    6. Dyon 86 says:

      Well, at least the people in Kansas can now go to the beach without having to travel very far.
      Trolling, Trolling, Trolling, Rawhide!!!

    7. dallasalice says:

      First a quick definition:

      “A scientific theory summarizes a hypothesis or group of hypotheses that have been supported with repeated testing. A theory is valid as long as there is no evidence to dispute it. Therefore, theories can be disproven. Basically, if evidence accumulates to support a hypothesis, then the hypothesis can become accepted as a good explanation of a phenomenon. One definition of a theory is to say it’s an accepted hypothesis.”

      Secondly, anthropological global warming is not a fact. It’s a theory which is hotly debated by scientists worldwide and from recent investigation, more often supported by falsified data.

      So bog yourself down in nonsense if you like but both the photo and anthropological global warming are bullshit.

      • Korinthian says:

        What has something being “hotly debated” got to do with anything?

        An occurrence can be a fact, and the theory of said occurrence is a theory.

        Rocket science!

        • dallasalice says:

          Well, since someone called me on the theory versus fact definition issue, it has a lot to do with it. As I noted above, something is an accepted scientific theory when most scientists agree. They take a hypothesis proposed by one guy and then do their own peer reviews. I’ll use the example of Darwinism since I was called a creationist up above, which I am not by the way. Darwinism is an accepted theory – fact if you will – but that term is really too rough for science since theories, even though accepted at one point can be disproved at another. In my opinion it’s just a way to make the scientific method easier to understand for lay folk. Regular people know what a fact is and to them it can’t change. Scientists know they can (and often do – salt was bad for us, now it’s good).

          Nearly all scientists agree with Darwin’s theory and it is not debated – hotly or not – for the most part (save for creationists, of which few are scientists). AGW is hotly debated among scientists worldwide and it has been discovered that much of the proof offered by scientists (including so-called objective peer review) to support the theory has been falsified, so it does matter.

          Yes an occurrence of something is a fact. Ten people see an apple fall from a tree and that incident is a fact (it’s a fact even if one sees it, but independent witnesses are always welcome). But the theory of why it falls – gravity – is something no one can really see. It’s a hypothesis that Gallileo first came up with and which was ultimately accepted by other scientists (Newton)and which then became scientific theory – or fact.

          So, again, without getting all bogged down in things. AGW is not a fact. It’s not even an accepted theory in that about as many scientists disagree with it as do and much of the data supporting it is wrong – falsified even. Add in the observable “facts” that the polar ice is not getting smaller and the sea levels have not risen even remotely as high as has been claimed by AGW supporters over the past decades, and I feel confident in saying it is still just a hypothesis and not a theory or fact.

          And the photo is obviously doctored.

    8. HoChunk says:

      Anybody who actually gets hung up on the “accuracy” of the photo either needs new eyes or a new frontal lobe.
      By the time global-warming changes are visible from space, we on the surface will have long since ceased debating it.

    9. AWhiteMandingo says:

      Or…OR, spring and winter contrasts.

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