will smith hates freedom of the press

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    “You slap like your movies, weak.”


    Look…no one has the right to put they’re hands on you, let along you’re fucking herpe garlic rotten toothed cum lips. That’s some bullshit right there.


    If that was a female celebrity, he would’ve been tackled by security, escorted into a police cruiser and denied bail while being handed an Order of Restraint so quickly the ink is still wet.

    Who wants to guess why that didn’t happen?


    When has that ever happened?


    I dig the completely unnecessary sissy-boy slap at the end. Stay classy Will “AWWWW HELL NAWAH!!” Smiff, you closeted,shit “actor”, scientologist wanna be.


    U mad?


    R U?


    I kinda think he has a point here, I mean he didn’t know what that guy was gonna do, who he was etc.
    I can understand people saying the whole “he’s anti gay, or free rights thing” but everyone seems to forget that this guy was REALLY invading his space, this would probably be most peoples reaction ( sans the slap) if some stranger came up and tried to kiss your cheek


    the guy tried to kiss him on the mouth. there’s a full video out there, somewhere.

    Ya wtf? Why didn’t he punch the guy?

    Fucking queers.


    i think i like the backhanded bitch-slap at the end.


    Freedom of the press doesn’t include physical contact. That guy can fuck off.

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