God vs. Hitler

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    i went to a catholic school for 9 years. i am almost completely convinced there is no god.
    that being said, this postings logic is flawed. If you follow the bibles logic, ALL men (except those saved on the ark) were evil and had to die, but if you follow this postings logic, all JEWS were evil and had to die. assuming the bible is true for the purpose of this posting, we will never know if ALL people were evil, but we do know that NOT all jews were evil, so this is dumb. thank you.


    think you missed the point some what


    The Jews that existed during the holocaust were descendents of those not-evil-guys on the boat, so your logic is flawed.

    Also, the flood was probably only a regional event around some seas in the middle east.


    The post is comparing god to hitler it says nothing about modern day jews being evil. Hilters logic was flawed but you’re the one that missed the point.


    What have you got against apostrophes?


    Also, one of these is history and the other is a fairy tale.


    yeah man…we all know the holocaust wasn’t real

    He didn’t say they were evil and corrupting his plan for a perfect Germany. He said they were genetically inferior and because of those shortcomings were subject to their base impulses like greed and whoring around and by following the American idea of Eugenic theory they needed to be selectively bred out and killed off to get rid of those genetic shortcomings like the 11 birth defects only Semitic people (this includes Arabs) are subject to.

    He was wrong though and by stopping him Europe is now a fantastic, thriving utopia. It isn’t? Shit. Why not? Oh.

    tiki god

    mulims from africa in france?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    The term applies to mixed races from upper Africa as well yes. The gist is some people are prone to birth defects like autism while others aren’t. The thinking was (Isaac Newton being one of the people behind it) that you can selectively breed out stupidity, retardation etc. Though because the way the whole world thought at the time black and gay was thrown into that too. It’s stupid to look at it as if the German’s invented anti-semitism when jews were forcibly booted from every country in Europe over the years. Now we have that super duper world bank… Read more »

    So the point is that it’s OK for god to euthenise the imperfect (for being evil) but not OK for Hitler to do it (for genetics). Hypocracy much?

    1) no

    God killing everyone for abusing the gift of life is quite different than someone basing a pretty harsh decision on only a few thousand years of history and some pretty larval scientific theory.

    You can’t breed out genetic imperfection btw. There are too many random variables that come into play. Sometimes tall people have short kids.


    If you want to talk about bravery, post under your real name, troll boy.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    You don’t even have a fake name, faggot.


    I kind of hate you Maggie, but that was a sweet comeback.


    According to the Bible (the God the picture is from), God kills every last person who ever draws a breath, by one means or another and no one survives. According to the writer of Genesis (possibly Moses) it is a consequence – a punishment, for a person willfully and knowingly doing what is morally wrong. The basics of the Mosaic law are there in our conscience. Also, eternal (permanent) life after bodily death is conditional; only a gift from God for truly and actively seeking him and trusting him in any promises he has made to an individual. For example:… Read more »


    I hope that was a typo, and that you don’t really think that picture is from the Bible (although what do I know, maybe you have a special illustrated Bible with pictures from renaissance artists).


    He didn’t say the picture was from the Bible, he said the Bible is a God and the picture is from the God.


    Stupidity. First of all, punishing someone for their father’s sins is immoral. Secondly, animals did no sinning (except the snake, which wasn’t really a snake, but god punished all snakes anyways (moron)).


    Bible scholars estimate that Noah took between 40 – 50 years (like Hitler) to build the ark, all of which he spent warning about the coming destruction (like Hitler) and providing the way for salvation. (Much like Hitler)

    But let’s still fault God because that’s EXACTLY what Hitler would do in his situation. (Like Hitler did when he was in this situation)

    fracked again

    Hitler said he was doing god’s work… I suppose you can say he was blaming god.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I’m confused what did Hitler take between 40 – 50 years to do? Live? Because he took Europe in only a few years, dude.

    He wasn’t warning of a coming destruction. He was pointing out that the current destruction wasn’t Germany’s fault and that was true.

    The salvation was combating the vilification of post WWI Germany.

    So you’re all around wrong and pretty simple minded.


    I think you’ve been trolling for so long that you can’t detect disingenuousness in others.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca



    If you defend genocide, be it the result of nazism or religion, then you’re as immoral as the god of the bible.