Egocentric Bias

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Not that I’m above it myself… But it’s ok when I do it.

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    To be fair, those who quit Thor, Zeus and Ra gave up their religion for another one (like Christianity. Some did it just because their king said “this is the new religion of my people.”


    Either that, or the worshipers of the old religion died out and the worshipers of the new one took over.

    In any case, the notion that people “give up their religions” for any reason whatsoever (logical, scientific or whatnot) is pretty much false.


    I know people who have changed their religion just because auras and witchery sounded cooler.

    I also know that atheism is on the rise in the states, so that’s pretty strong evidence that people do give up their religion.

    Have you been living in a cave?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Never forget you’re retarded.

    Christianity has taken over the US. Sorry, tard. I’m not American nor religious but I am also not retarded.

    You are.

    Atheism is just a handful of butthurt losers who are sad because people use religion as an excuse to dismiss them. The truth is its because people like you are worthless dipshits.


    I read that as you disagreeing with me about something, but can’t explain why you do it.

    Must be frustrating to have so many opinions but no adult way of expressing them!

    Luke Magnifico

    I’m sorry, your request for civil discourse has been denied at this time. Use of multiple fonts and rage comics is in direct contravention of our policies as regards taking people seriously.

    Please do not resubmit your request.


    In case anyone was wondering, science has disproved “God” because some 14 year-old redditor who got a C+ in Biology, made a rage comic saying it’s so.

    For further proof please note that he and a bunch of his friends calls it “stupid”, uses terms like “sky-daddy” and “zombie jesus”, think religion is mankind’s worst and only problem and that it’s the sole reason we don’t have hover-boards, android butlers and colonies on Saturn.

    Fantastically irrefutable evidence.


    In case anyone was wondering, religion has proved “God” exists because some 30 year-old peasant talked to a bush in a drug-induced haze, and wrote a book about it.

    For further proof please note that he and a bunch of his friends calls it “faith” and uses terms like “I feel it in my heart so it must be true,” think Jesus is mankind’s only hope and that the devil is the only reason we have gays, interracial marriage and condoms.

    Fantastically irrefutable evidence.