shuttle lands

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    Um.. short the runway much?


    Oh internet, what the fuck happened to communication…


    How’s this: Um.. It looks like you are landing a little short of the intended point of touchdown on the runway, which is usually actually ON the runway, not before it begins. Hench the term “to short the runway.”


    Also.. anons, Lurk MOAR before commenting on aircraft pics. You’ve been trolled idiots.


    That’s not the Shuttle…and it’s not landing.

    Other than that, quite accurate.


    XB-70 Valkyrie. Gorgeous plane and wicked fast.

    Clayton Brannon

    This is not a shuttle it is the US version SST or Super Sonic Transport. The British and French had commercial versions. The service to the US was limited because of sonic booms. I believe they flew into and out of Washington D.C. and New York only. We built two of which one crashed killing one of the pilots. They were taken out of service a few years ago when one crashed on takeoff. Here is a link to watch a small video on this amazing aircraft.


    No SST… whiskeytango was right, its the XB-70 Valkyrie. The last remaining one has been sitting in the USAF museum in Dayton Ohio for the last 40 years.


    Whatever that is, if it was landing it had better get those wheels all the way down … and quick!


    Definitely the XB-70 Valkyrie, which was tested in 1964-66. The lower platform of the front landing gear was hinged so that the back pair made contact first, rotating the platform to bring the front pair down. This helped the pilots slow the rate at which they brought the nose down during landing.

    In the background there’s an H-21 ‘Flying Banana’ helicopter, most of which were withdrawn from service in 1965.


    There are a lot of anons here…

    Luke Magnifico

    It makes me sad when anon conspires to unwittingly grant victory to the raccoon.