magneto vs iron man

magneto vs iron man

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    If that “iron” is ferromagnetic, or even paramagnetic, Tony is fucked.


    Ok, for anyone who didn’t see this fight, IM did not beat Mags. Erik stopped fighting, and Stark flew away. Stark had a couple aces up his sleeve, but Lensherr found his away around every one. Mags stopped fighting because he sensed the Phoenix Force destroying a planet on its way to Earth, which caused him to hesitate, and IM flew away thinking he won. Methinks it crap. Erik should have grabbed on to the iron in Tony’s blood, ignoring his “non-ferrous” armor, reversed his blood flow and given him a massive stroke. Winner: Magneto

    fracked again

    Iron in blood is not ferromagnetic.

    tiki god

    why did he hesitate when he felt that?

    since when is he cosmicly aware of what’s going on? I remember when it was a huge thing back in the 90’s that he could affect the planet’s magnosphere…


    I find the whole AvX premise is forced. So far the only reason they’re fighting is that Cyclops is a douche.
    It’s like someone said “hey remember when we were kids and wanted to see who’d win in a fight? Let’s do that now”
    Mags should have crushed Iron Man.


    Magneto always seemed a bit overpowered. His powerset + helm with a good imagination isn’t really beatable.


    To be fair, he can manipulate one of the 4 fundamental forces of the universe so…