Avengers – The Movie

Holy shitballs that movie was good. Joss Whedon is a fucking script MASTER.

Trust me, this is 2 hours that you will love.

Also, stay for after the credits, there’s a second credit scene, and you’ll enjoy it.

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    I’ve seen it 3 times since April 25 and I agree the movie is awesome! The best comic book to film adaptation since the 1st Superman. A lot of people doubted Joss Whedon but fortunately for him and us, he delivered. We don’t have the ending credits scene though we only have the mid credits scene.


    I seen it 5 times, pirated though
    I feel bad


    It is that damn good. Easily up there with The Dark Knight, but it’s a better comic book movie. TDK could have been about a spy, and not a guy dressed like a bat, and it would have arguably been just as good of a movie.

    Oh, and there are two after the credit scenes. One is the reveal of the next villain half way through the credits, and the other one comes at the end.


    Puny God. LMAO
    That and the scene where Cap tells the cops what to do are my favorite bits.