Avengers Extra Scene

avengers-after-credit-scene.jpg (37 KB)

It’s grainly, but it’s an extra scene that shows up after the credits and was only shot a few weeks ago. It’s going to debut on the USA release of the movie. This is in addition to the scene after the credits that is already being seen in Europe.

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    Oh, I forgot you gringos haven’t seen this one yet. Let me spoil it for you. Agent Coulson dies. Ruffalo is a lousy Banner, but Hulk steals the show. The fight between Hulk and Loki is the best superhero fight in the history of humanity and it’s sure to become a meme on 4chan and reddit for years to come. Thor has maybe 10 lines of dialogue in the whole movie (but 30 minutes of action sequences). Black Widow doesn’t do any sexy posing, but still manages to be a worthy cast member. The main character is undoubtedly Samuel L.… Read more »


    I’m going into this movie tomorrow with low expectations.

    tiki god

    I have the highest of expectations.


    I expect that it will either be a good movie or a bad movie.


    i expect it to be perfectly predictable and adequate to my needs


    That extra scene is for US audience only 🙂 Don’t expect easter eggs on that one. Awesome movie btw. seen it twice already and I’m going to see it again today 🙂