hate full cats

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    He hates you because he can sense you hate cats. If you loved cats he would cuddle in your lap and purr.

    You get what you deserve


    Untrue. I like cats. They still hate me.

    Luke Magnifico


    My cat’s hate for all people is so intense as to distort local spacetime.


    Cats are cool!

    My dog is 10 pounds and cat’s still run scared when they see him. I suppose I’d hate a lot of things too if a Yorkshire Terrier made me shit my pants.


    Cats are non-confrontational. They always would prefer to run than deal with it. Unless it’s with another cat. And even then, still.

    Dogs are confrontational, unless they know the thing they’re confronting can hurt them or is dominant.

    Vance Logan

    Yes, cats are hateful. That’s why when I am not walking around but instead sit down on a couch or a chair to watch TV or use my computer or eat, my three cats all hate that they while they want to get in my lap, there is only room for one at a time.