B-52 test plane

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    I like how Mr. Coony Coon submits pictures of planes with their model number plainly on them and then titles it something else.


    The X-48 test plane is unmanned, but there are windows in the front. What’s up with that?


    Oh… derp. 5 minutes later and I read the wingspans on the X-48B prototypes are only 21 feet. Which means the cockpit on this thing is only big enough to hold a few gerbils.

    Daily Lurker

    Does beg the question whether the “windows” actually serve a purpose or they are just painted on for looks…

    fracked again

    Cameras might be behind the glass.

    John Colwell

    Pretty! What is it’s weapons delivery capability?

    John Colwell

    Pretty, but what is its weapons delivery capability?