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    …Like believers have none of any of that. Idiotic.


    I don’t think that’s the point. It’s just to say that…. fuck it, you can’t explain much to a believer.

    Luke Magnifico

    She’s not implying any exclusivity. She’s saying that believers have [all of those things] AND faith, so without faith she’s still left with [all those things], i.e. a universe richly filled with wonder and beauty even in the absence of faith.



    The whole point of the thing is the exclusivity. I think the word “only” pretty much points to that. Sorry you weren’t smart enough to catch that and had to resort to name-calling.

    Luke Magnifico

    Do you speak English as a second language? In this context it means that that is the remainder when faith is taken away. She’s using it ironically, as it’s usually used diminutively, but that doesn’t change what it means.

    Why are you so stupid? It makes me sad.


    > Skeptics




    -Brought to you by a myriad of nigh-impossible, convenient yet random chances working out in humanities’ favor.


    A thousand monkeys with a thousand monkeys typing the complete works of Shakespeare when given enough time.

    Of course, the first time the monkeys do type out Shakespeare, they’re going to assume that it was divine fate or something because they odds of it happening are low (even if it must happen given enough time).


    “it must happen given enough time.”
    Which is the problem since it doesn’t *have to* happen. That assumption removes every other outcome; it blindly and stubbornly makes success inevitable. The real world does not work that way. Sometimes you’ll spend a thousand years and only have a room full of dead monkeys to show for it.


    Answer this honestly. What is more likely, random events guided by natural forces or a power that is greater than the universe (yet it can’t muster up the power to appear on TV)?

    Hey! I said honestly!


    Brought to us by simplistic young earth creationist thinking by which winning the lottery is impossible even after someone has won.

    The only reason you’re still a Christian is that you’re not clever enough to understand the arguments for reality.


    Birth ain’t a wonder, it’s pretty damn common and boring.


    From an everyday human viewpoint it is… But we are the matter of the universe, organized, self-aware, and self-replicating. What were your atoms up to a billion years ago?


    All it’s saying is that you can have it all, without God.
    And before you react to this, ask yourself: exactly what can’t you have, without God?