Voting Republican

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    I vote Republican to prevent idiotic Democrats from pawning this lie off on uneducated Americans about the real problems our society faces…which is entitlements, handouts, wellfare, and the assumption that anyone on the left has the moral high ground. Obama. One and done.


    i vote my fucking gun.. since both parties have failed this nation miserably


    You’re not going to avoid that issue simply by voting Republican. Lemme lay out a big part of that issue that no one seems to want to address: Democrats seem to want to help those who can’t help themselves, and that pisses Republicans off because people who could be getting their shit together get handouts instead. Meanwhile, the Republicans seem to want to help people who do help themselves; which pisses off Democrats because people with no ability to help themselves are mercilessly screwed over. However, under both systems of management, there same people find a way to either do… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    “Democrats seem to want to help those who can’t help themselves”

    Operative word: seems

    Socialism benefits government employees and government employees alone. It’s the guise of helping the unfortunate while you help yourself.

    Republicans do what they say and say what they do. Democrats lie to their voters and use propaganda to manipulate people. If they were right they wouldn’t have to use some deviant practices.

    i added an extra s there. excuse the typo I’m typing on a phone


    This. I would hate democrats a lot less if they didn’t think their opinions were the only sane and valid opinions, and everyone who thinks differently must be shouted down, ridiculed and demonized at every opportunity.

    Also known as the “Why won’t you stupid, cousin-humping rednecks vote for us?” syndrome.


    Obama, one and done? Hell, in this election you’re gonna have a choice between TWO Obamas, the white one and the black one. Doesn’t really matter, since the country is being run by the banking industry either way.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    anti semite


    I completely agree with luminary. Liberals love to talk about free speech, and open debate to get everyone’s opinion on an issue and are then shocked and appalled when your opinion is different from theirs. Perfect example: Anything coming out of Keith Olbermann or Paul Krugman. Our country is not run by the banks. That myth is ridiculous …unless you are speaking of the disastrous strategies of Fannie and Freddie that were pawned off on us by none other than Frank and Dodd…who to this day…still defend the terrible mortgage backed chaos that helped create AND burst the bubble. If… Read more »


    So with all the sense you made just there. You cap it off by asking me to vote for a guy that wears magic underwear and fully believes that Jesus came from Missouri? Is that what your asking? You just nulled out your own entire argument. What a waste a time you turned out to be, you must be great around the Thanksgiving table: I have an uncle like you; he makes a ten-point argument that has everyone convinced and then ends by saying something like “and that’s why reindeer can fly.” From now on we’ll now refer to you… Read more »


    i vote republican because Ron Paul is the only person i would like to be president


    … and you as Uncle natedog.


    Every day I read absurd self centered political rubbish like this and thank my lucky stars I do not live in America. You folks should read more and opine less.


    So where do you live?


    It doesn’t matter where I live. American politics has become an international laughing stock, we thought you had crossed the line with Bush but this presidential season the republican party has lost the plot.


    The pic typifies Liberal political arguement.

    Mock, lie and misrepresent.

    That way all of the idiots who were unfortunate enough to be educated by your liberal universities and have no capacity for analytical thought will vote for you.

    Once you reach a critical mass of idiots (which we seem to have done in this country) it will work every time.

    ….until all that is left is the idiots.

    I hope you all have had wilderness training.


    and heavy on the ‘mock’ part. I think it pertains to the complete absence of self-awareness that makes a lib i.e. “Have I answered the premise or question? … or will others discern that I just chose to fling poo in response?”


    Really, dude, if you wanna vote to screw over minorities and support the plutocrats– yer gonna have to vote Democrat. I mean, it’s the Democrats who have a Grand Kleagle of the Ku Klux Klan as a leading member. Party with the most trust-fund multimillionaires? Democrats. Party that voted FOR the Jim Crow laws and AGAINST the civil rights movement? Democrats again. Party that blew through more of your money in three years than every administration in American history combined? And most of it in mega-handouts to their rich party contributors and union buddies? Give yourself 100 bonus points if… Read more »


    You *are* aware that the Republicans supported segregation?

    You do know the parties switched places in the 60’s in regards to civil rights, correct?