US National Debt

US National Debt

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    No worries. Americans won’t have to pay for that.
    There are a lot of countries that need to be liberated from their dictators (and oil, money etc.)
    Or you can just leave it be. It’s not like someone will tell you to return your debts… nobody wants to be liberated because of some money…


    I have one (sincere) question about this: because the value of money changes, is it possibly that, while this trend probably does exist, the graph is skewed because it’s charted in trillions? I mean, how many trillions were even around in the world in 1910, anyway?


    The chart seems to follow the value of the dollar (itself, not compared to other currencies) and US price index up until 2000, as far as I can tell. After that, though, I can’t really express what it would be expected to look like compared to what it does – but you can see the visible change in shape (where it goes from, “That looks like normal graph-ey-ness.” to “That looks like whatever this graph measures just went apeshit.”) pretty clearly. Unfortunately, we can never look at these graphs and talk about the actual problem – instead we just argue… Read more »

    Luke Magnifico

    I think it was YOUR fault.


    the money to pay the interest on debt is never even created in the first place, so there’s always a lack of money…and always the need to borrow more. simple as that


    You like balls in your mouth.


    Just slap on a logarithmic scale. Problem solved.

    Here’s a graph that shows how much I give a fuck. >


    correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s not 2020 yet, is it? Did I just sleep for 8 years?